The Art of Storytelling: Japan

Essential Question

How are different art forms used to tell stories in Japan?

Project Description

This project will travel to Japan to investigate the history of storytelling. Students will examine a wide variety of storytelling mediums, including theater, spoken word, writing, painting, and animation. During our week in Kyoto, a city rich with history and brimming with modern technology, students will be exposed to an array of storytelling methods through visits to prominent galleries and museums, trips to the theater, and tours of local artists’ studios.

Students will learn about ancient storytelling methods during a theater / dance workshop with Living National Treasures and renown dancer / director Ima Tenko in Kyoto. Students will also learn about modern techniques in animation on a visit to the famed Studio Ghibli, as well as tour the Nijo Castle to view their collection of historical folding screens. Students will work towards telling their own story which will be developed over the course of the week and presented through one of the storytelling methods learning during our travels.
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