Student Life


A Familial Support System

We take our role of in loco parentis very seriously. Each advisory group consist of one faculty advisor and 4-6 advisees of the same class year. In addition to weekly structured time in this small group where students and faculty can discuss relevant, important social emotional development, each advisor keeps daily tabs on their advisees.

From a morning greeting walking across campus, to a quick-sit down during office hours or a snack-break at the country store, advisors know their advisees well and act as the first point of contact between parents, students, and teachers. Guided by the social emotional growth model, the advisory curriculum brings mentorship, structure and guidance to the student experience and incorporates important soft skills into each student's overall development.

Foliage Day

Foliage Day is a much-loved New Hampton School tradition. Each fall, the community is surprised with a Head of School Holiday on a picturesque fall day. Together, in advisory groups, the community hikes across New Hampton to the school owned property, Burleigh Mountain. Once there, groups take photos, play lawn games, take in the foliage and enjoy a BBQ lunch.

Highlights of New Hampton School's Advisory Curriculum Include:

List of 4 items.

  • Small, age-appropriate student groups matched carefully with an advisor

  • A year-by-year, step-by-step curriculum from 9th grade to graduation

  • Recommended talking points, activities, and check-in reminders for advisors

  • On campus faculty who know and see their advisees throughout the day

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