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Seize Their Inner Spark

The best way for students to be all they can be is to seize their inner spark. We instigate their big thinking through the Habits of Mind, a fundamental ethos of education, encouraging preparation and self-management, imagination and innovations, collaboration, clarity and precision and perseverance.

Our openness to an individualized study means students and parents help decide how the school year is designed and learning is paced. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, widely recognized among the world’s leading universities, is an opportunity to expand one’s abilities, aspirations, and intellect.

Russ Brummer, Science Faculty

The creative energy, intellectual excitement, and enthusiasm you see in our classrooms are transformative.

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is a core tenant of our curriculum. By finding opportunities for students to tackle authentic learning challenges—whether working with a local non-profit to design a marketing campaign or launching an app for the Country Store—students use content and competencies to engage with real-world issues.

A Global Classroom

By expanding our classroom conversations, New Hampton School students are immersed in the world, connected to diverse cultures, and dedicated to global citizenship. Our student body hails from 30+ countries. We afford a worldwide network of alumni, families, and travel opportunities. Ours is a conscious curriculum, built on an interconnected understanding of the world through a series of globally-minded programs.

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Find out what keeps New Hampton students engaged. Individualized study provides opportunities to expand one's abilities, aspirations, and intellect.
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