Strategic Plan

The New Hampton School Difference 2021

On the eve of our bicentennial celebration and with new leadership in place, New Hampton is poised to write the next chapter in its history, one that builds upon past achievements and establishes a solid foundation for the next 200 years.

As our founders so wisely did, we began this work by assessing what the world needs and is likely to need from our graduates. We believe the world needs people of substance and character with the capacity to learn and create independently and collaboratively. It needs people willing to hone and share their individual talents.

Our Pillars

List of 5 items.

  • Character: Foster an inclusive global community unified by a commitment to character and leadership

    A warm, welcoming, and unpretentious community is essential to students’ healthy growth and development. These qualities are fostered through shared experiences that allow all members to be known, involved and celebrated.
  • Experience: Design an experiential, project-based program

    Active learning, unconstrained by traditional classroom settings or academic calendars, and in collaboration with others allows students to discover their strengths and direct their own learning.
  • Innovation: Be a leader in curriculum design and delivery

    The most powerful learning occurs through academic experiences that connect students to their learning through their hearts, hands and heads.
  • Strength: Support the people who bring our community to life

    Boarding schools require talented and dedicated people to bring their programs to life. We must attract, develop and retain an employee body that enables us to realize our mission with each and every student.
  • Tradition: Celebrate, honor, and promote our story, our history and our future

    Our rich history, marked by enduring relationships and stories of achievement and commitment, is a central part of our DNA. As we move forward, we must share our exceptional story proudly.

Putting a Plan Into Action

These beliefs resonate with all members of the New Hampton community and allow us to draw upon our traditional strengths—a nurturing community, a diverse student body, a passionate and talented faculty and staff, and a pristine environment—to create new experiences and programs that will prepare our graduates for lives of purpose and service.
Believing that these skills are best developed through experiences that foster relationships with others we have rededicated ourselves through this strategic planning process to our greatest asset, our people, and to our mission, to develop lifelong learners who will become active global citizens.

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