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Student Safety is a Top Priority

In an effort to ensure the safety of its students and the entire community, New Hampton School has taken steps to document an NHS Emergency Management Plan and educate our students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community on policies and procedures surrounding campus security. The School employs a Director of Campus Safety, to oversee the day to day safety of our community and prepare for possible emergencies or campus threats weather social or environmental. In addition, the Campus Safety Director oversees a team of night security personnel to provide overnight coverage 365 days a year, as well as working with local emergency services to provide the school community with a multi-layered safety program.

Steps taken in recent years include:

  • Private Property signage to better articulate campus boundaries and security
  • Regular Fire Safety inspections with the New Hampton Fire Department
  • Individualized key card access for specified buildings
  • Security cameras in key areas to assist with campus safety
  • An annual review of the NHS Emergency Management Plan
  • Regularly schedule drills for fire safety, campus intruders, or other emergencies
  • An enhanced notification system (Everbridge) with increased functionality to support important communications and emergency notifications

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