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New Hampton School is dedicated to a mission of fostering, facilitating, and promoting positive behaviors and growth within our community of students. The Student Life Office presents a curriculum of topics centered on citizenship, education, and personal development. Ranging from time-management and goal-setting to bullying and tolerance, the Student Life curriculum is a key component of the New Hampton School experience, providing students with information and discussion time on numerous life-related educational issues. All members of the student body and faculty participate in scheduled sessions which often utilize outside resources.

The Student Life Office is made up of the Dean of Student Life, Associate Director of Student Life, and the Assistant to the department, as well as the Director of the International Support Program, the Health Center staff, and Counseling staff. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 603-677-3435 or

Advisor Program

Chief among the responsibilities of our faculty is to serve as a student advisor. The advisor/advisee relationship provides a foundation for all manner of student support, counseling and guidance. A student should feel comfortable approaching his/her advisor with any concerns or problems. 

Advisor groups have five or six students organized according to graduating class. Advisors connect with their advisees regularly throughout the week. We value frequent communication with parents by utilizing a variety of media, such as cell phone, e-mail, and text messaging. Parents are encouraged to contact and connect with their child’s advisor in order to communicate concerns or ask questions about their child’s progress, performance, and well-being. Although eighty percent of our students live away from home, we intend and hope to work closely with parents in the guidance and growth of their child during his/her time at New Hampton School. 

Meet the Staff

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Scott LeBrun

    Scott LeBrun 

    Director of Student Life
  • Photo of Cindy Glidden

    Cindy Glidden 

    Director of Health Services
  • Photo of Katerina Farr-Williams

    Katerina Farr-Williams 

    Director of International Support Program, Math Faculty
  • Photo of Thomas Faba

    Thomas Faba 

    Food Service Director
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