College Counseling

Find the Right Path

The College Counseling Office at New Hampton School is committed to close communication and cooperation among the three major players: student, family, and counselor. We understand that the process has become increasingly competitive and complex, and it is our role as counselors to help families navigate the sometimes perplexing college admission landscape. 

Our counseling team consists of two full-time counselors, as well as an assistant director who focuses solely on the athletic recruitment process. While we do not begin working one-on-one with students until their junior year, we engage with our ninth and tenth graders, and students are always welcome to come up to our office should they have any questions.

A Student-Centered Approach

Our goal is to help students reach a greater awareness of who they are, so that they can find colleges that are good matches for them. Students will continue to build upon the valuable “soft skills” developed at New Hampton: decision making, problem-solving, self-advocacy, self-reflection, and resilience. The College Counseling Office provides supportive, individualized counseling that is student-centered.

What is the college process?

Watch the webinar to hear our College Counseling and Admission Offices answer questions about the college process and how New Hampton School guides students to find their best fit.

College Reps, Schedule a Visit

Attention College Admission Representatives: Please use SCOIR to schedule your appointment and meet with our students.

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