Why New Hampton?

Happiness & Fulfillment

Our students are curious, engaged, innovative, broad-minded, and fully supportive of one another. They have open eyes to the future, daily dreams in the making, and lofty goals to realize. Immersive academics, creative arts, spirited athletics, global travel, outdoor adventures, and interpersonal relationships elevate New Hampton School beyond the typical high school experience.

Don't just take our word for it.


We encourage all students to use their voices, seize every opportunity, and take on adventure fearlessly.

Our students aren't afraid to start clubs that don't yet exist or suggest environmental approaches in the dining hall. From affinity groups to clubs, co-curriculars, and athletic teams, like-minded students are willing to challenge themselves and those around them to take risks.


Because 95% of our faculty live on-campus, passionate and dedicated support is never far. House parents, faculty, advisors, Academic Support tutors, college counselors, and coaches communicate regularly to ensure that all students feel supported. 


The student experience at New Hampton School is at the heart of all we do. We take every opportunity to pull the real world into our classrooms. From international explorations during our signature Project Week to service-learning adventures in our neighboring communities, each day holds something new.

Tori Codd P'20, '22

My daughter was always looking for more. And I really feel like, for the first time, she has found it. Here.

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