Why New Hampton School?

Welcome! We are thrilled you are interested in New Hampton School. We are a dynamic, vibrant, global learning community, and we look forward to guiding you to a better understanding of our school. The best way to get to know us is to come and visit our campus and students, so that you can experience firsthand what makes New Hampton School so special.

As you will learn on our website, through our videos and photos, and from your visit, you will not find a more welcoming, supportive, and spirited place to go to school. Since 1821, New Hampton School has been a second home to passionate students and inspiring faculty. Whether you are from California, Europe, Asia, Africa, or right here in New Hampshire, please reach out to our admission office for more information. We look forward to learning about your passions and interests and sharing why New Hampton School is a leader in boarding school education.

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Wendy and Rob, Parents of Teddy '16, Johnny '19, & Ellie '21: There are amazing opportunities at New Hampton School. Once Rob and Wendy decided that New Hampton was the right place for their son Teddy, they soon realized it would be one of the best decisions they've ever made. Johnny and Ellie would soon follow.

Community and Family

Wendy and Rob, Parents of Teddy '16, Johnny '19, & Ellie '21: The Beaudet family discovered just how much they would come to love the community and amazing opportunities New Hampton School had to offer.


Wendy and Rob, Parents of Teddy '16, Johnny '19, & Ellie '21: New Hampton is a place where students are not only challenged academically and athletically, but an environment that allows them to grow. A place where students find their confidence to take on challenges and pursue their passions.

A Customized Experience

Missy, Mother of Morgan '16; South Hamilton, Massachusetts: What is it that makes a parent comfortable with sending his or her child to boarding school? An outgoing, energetic child, Morgan wanted a school in which she could thrive academically, live among a diverse student body, and be part of a dynamic, competitive athletic program. At New Hampton, she's received a customized experience that fits her needs as a teenager with big dreams. A second-time boarding school parent, Missy offers some advice here to families.

Engaged Learning

Bill, Father of Peter '14; Weston, Massachusetts: When the Burgess family was trying to identify the best fit for their son Peter four years ago, they wanted a school that would provide a holistic experience. Four years later and now studying at Dartmouth College, Peter has achieved success in and outside the classroom. What resonates for his father, though, is not merely the life-changing relationships or his son's transformative growth, but the dynamic classroom learning experience and the vision of a school that strives to improve and innovate for the benefit of its students.

Dynamic Vision

Steven, Father of Stevie '12 and Chris '16; Ashburn, Virginia: The Berry family did not know much about boarding school when they sent their first child Stevie '11 to NHS. Yet, when they watched him graduate with a global perspective and skills that were not as easily attained in his previous suburban public high school, the family recognized a school that was meeting the needs of every child. It was soon after that they sent their second son, Christopher, to NHS.

Contact Us

Contact the Admission Office at admission@newhampton.org or 603-677-3401

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