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A visit to our beautiful campus in New England includes a student-led tour and the opportunity to get a true sense of our incredible community. After your tour, you will meet with one of our Admission directors so we can get to know you and answer any questions you might have.

To schedule a visit, please contact the Admission Office at (603) 677-3401 or, and a member of our Admission team will be in contact soon.
Unfortunately, we are not currently scheduling on-campus visits.
Please visit our Virtual Visit page and contact our Admission Office for more information.

Meet Our Senior Husky Ambassadors

New Hampton School Senior Husky Ambassadors are seasoned members of our community who mentor our tour guides. These leaders of our student body share their unique stories with prospective families.

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  • Connor

    My name is Connor Campbell-Diehl, and I am from Bedford, NH. I am a senior here at New Hampton School. My experience at New Hampton has been unique because I have been both a boarding and a day student, so I have a unique perspective on what life is like as a Husky. I play Varsity Soccer and Varsity B Basketball, in addition to pushing myself in classroom.  
    I am “All In” at New Hampton this year because I have always tried to push myself to be better in all aspects of life. Whether on the playing field or in the classroom, there is no reason to give anything less than your best effort. I am definitely excited to make my final year at Husky Nation as great as it can be! 

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  • Subhana

    My name is Subhana Branche, and I am from Hanover, New Hampshire. I captain my Field Hockey and Lacrosse teams, and I 
    manage the Men’s Varsity B Hockey team. In addition to my participation in sports, I am one of the first leaders of a new diversity group on campus. One of my Husky role models is Mrs. Frame because she is an active listener and is always there for her students when they need support. 
    I am “All In” for New Hampton because I love going to school here. I enjoy getting involved with all aspects of school-life and I really enjoy helping people. I have met so many amazing people and have gotten to experience great and memorable events on this campus. I hope this is the best year yet!

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  • Chihie

    I am Chihie! I am a senior from Tokyo, Japan. It is my pleasure to represent New Hampton School as a 
    Senior Husky Ambassador and share all of the precious experiences I have had here at New Hampton. When I was applying to high schools, I was seeking a small school with a community that cared about each another and I found that community in New Hampton three years ago. This school has been my second home – where I can form tight-knit relationships with many people, even though I am quiet and shy. I do Cross-Country in the fall, JV Basketball in the winter, and Tennis in the spring! I love to meet new people and listen to their stories, because our campus is full of so many people from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and communities from around the world! 
    I am “All In” for New Hampton School because this school provides me with a lot of opportunities to expand my comfort zone. New Hampton is much smaller than my previous school, and its size has given me a voice in my community and helped me build friendships with many people. Everyone is nice and encouraging towards others who are trying new things, which makes it easier to try something new! To me, being a Senior Husky Ambassador means more than becoming a leader. I feel that as a Senior Husky Ambassador, I am a facilitator with the ability to connect people within and outside of this community
    through sharing my experiences. 

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  • Colin

    My name is Colin Deery, and I am currently a senior at New Hampton School.  I came to this school my sophomore year and fell in love immediately. I have met some of my best friends here who I know will be lifelong friends. At school, I participate in Varsity Lacrosse and have played on the Varsity Football team in the past. Along with sports, I am interested in becoming friends with anyone I pass and, honestly, it is very easy at New Hampton.  Everyone at this school is so friendly; the people make being away from home extremely easy. In many ways, this school actually feels like home.   
    This year, our school motto is “All In.” This mottoto me, means going out of my way to be a better person to both myself and others.  I have taken accountability to become more active in the community and to participate in more communal activities.  I have become friendlier and go out of my way more often to interact with people and meet everyone that I can. I also go out of my way to say hello and to be friendly to students who might be more quiet than others. I’m “All In” because of New Hampton’s community of friendship.   

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  • Charlie

    My name is Charlie Raisin. I am senior from San Francisco, California, and I joined New Hampton my sophomore year. I play Basketball here and I am a huge Husky sports fan. You can find me at all of our home games cheering for my classmates and friends at the top of my lungs. Spring time at New Hampton is my favorite time of the year because of the warm weather and visible smiles on everyone's faces. You can really feel the positive energy all around! 
    Coming from a big family, it was easy for me to feel right at home when I arrived at New Hampton in 2017. For me, All In, is fitting because it represents our community’s dynamic. No matter where you go around the school, you’ll catch students giving 110% — from sports and academics, to music and the arts. I believe everyone here in Husky Nation feels welcome and supported. I’m looking forward to meeting all new and prospective Huskies! 

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  • Anna

    My name is Anna Shelden, and I am a senior from Kenai, Alaska. I play Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse throughout the year. I also help out in my dorm and am a positive person to talk to. My Husky role model would have to be my sister, Taylor. She graduated from New Hampton in 2017, but I always strive to be more like her.  
    I am “All In this year because it is my last year here. Having gone to New Hampton for four years, I easily would consider it my home away from home. Being “All In is an important message, and I know that for the rest of the year I will do everything to make the most of every moment I have on this campus. 

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  • David

    My name is David Henriquez, and I am 18 years old. I come from the small country of Panamá, but at 6’3” I am a “big guy—not just in stature, I also have a big heart. I am a people-person and love to help others. I have also received lots of help here. New Hampton was an easy choice for me. One of my brothers had gone here and loved his experience. He is currently a senior in college. What is there not to love about New Hampton? I have friends from all over the world now! I’ve also embraced different opportunities here like Project Week, which has given me three really different experiences. And the food is great, too! 
    If you ask me to be specific about what I find unique here, I would have to say the advising program. This is my senior year at New Hampton, and this is the first year that I do not have an academic tutor. My time here has been such a positive experience and has benefited my academic and personal growth. I have had the same advisor since my freshman year. Even though he is a mathematician and the Head of the Math Department, he is not distant with me at all. He meets me at my level and helps me grow. This experience is priceless. If you want to hear my storiesand believe me, I have manycome and take a tour with me. I’ll tell you all about Husky Nation. Deal? 

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  • Elsa

    My name is Elsa Cassidy, and I am from Aspen, Colorado.  Ice Hockey is what brought me to New Hampton, and for that I am forever grateful. Since arriving at New Hampton, I have played a meaningful role on the Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, and Lacrosse teams. Kelly Matthews was the one who really introduced me to how important strong leadership is, and she initiated my entire prep school experience.  
    I am All In for New Hampton School because I believe that everyone has a role no matter how big or small.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing all of my peers interacting and picking each other up. For most of my life, I have been on a teamso I value teamwork, support, and kindness.  That is what All In means to me. 

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  • Davis

    Hey, my name is Davis and I am from San Diego, California. Yes, I surfand no, I have not been bitten by a shark. Besides surfing, I play Hockey in the fall and winter, and Golf or Tennis in the spring. On campus, I am a Proctor in Draper, part of the Christian Fellowship club, and a liability when playing Spike-Ball. Another surfer in our community, Mr. Cramer, my IB English teacher, is one of my Husky role models on campus. He is well-spoken, thoughtful, and holds himself to the highest standard. Not to mention, he runs one of the best, most engaging classes I have ever experienced.  
    I am All In for New Hampton School because New Hampton has been “All In” for me. From the classroom to the ice, teachers to students, New Hampton has been a home for me and a place where I have always felt encouraged and a part of something bigger than myself. Our community thrives on the fact that everyone is helpful, passionate, and caring for one another so that we can all do our best as a whole. Now, in my second year at New Hampton, I am ready to be “All In” for my peers and for our community in the same way that the community has been All In” for me! 

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  • Hannah

    My name is Hannah Hibbert, and I am a senior from Center Harbor, New Hampshire. Husky Nation is a very special place to me and has given me an amazing environment where I can grow not only as a studentbut as an individual as wellThroughout my time at New Hampton School, I have participated in student council, contemporary performance lab, music lessons, student tours, and Varsity Basketball and Lacrosse. One of my Husky role models has to be my advisor, Mr. Saler. He truly and genuinely cares for each of his advisees and students, and he does everything that he can to support us as we go through the ups and downs of high school—never allowing us to give up, but rather challenging us to keep moving forward. Another Husky role model that has inspired me is Husky alumna Eva Hodgson. She has shown me what it means to be a good teammate, leader, and friend. She has inspired me to take on more leadership opportunities in the community in order to make a difference for others like she did for me.  
    To me, All In is a promise to give everything that you have to benefit the community. It means trying new things, making new friends, getting out of the dorm, and stepping out of your comfort zone to help make New Hampton the best community that it can be! Because our community is so small, being All In means excellence in the classroom, on the sports fields, in the art room, in the music room, and on stage in order to continue to make Husky Nation a special place. 

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  • Ian

    My name is Ian Boisvert, and I am originally from Reading, Massachusetts, but my family recently moved to a small town in southern New Hampshire. Lacrosse is my main sport and Skiing is my life-long passion. On campus, I serve as a House Proctor, which has given me a whole new outlook on residential life here at New Hampton. This position has opened so many doors for me . . . literally. My role models on campus are the faculty members who have fully embraced independent school culture.  
    This year, I am “All In for New Hampton School. Who wouldn’t want to spend four years nestled in this perfect little town of New Hampton? I have experienced so much growth over my time at Husky Nation, and I am looking forward to seeing new faces and students embrace the Husky lifestyle as well. There are so many unique opportunities presented here, and it’s up to you to take them. I believe the little things are what make this and every other year great. I’m excited to embrace the little things and have the best year in Husky Nation! 

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  • Phoebe

    My name is Phoebe Kahn. I am from a small seaside town, Cohasset, Massachusetts, but I actually spent about half of my life living in London. I have family spread out all around the globe—all the way to Australia! At school, I have played on the Varsity Tennis team for the past two years and am very involved in the visual arts programs at New Hampton. Since I began at New Hampton, I have also been an active tour guide, Big Sister, and Student Activities Co-Chair. My leadership roles and involvement in activities have allowed me to get to know a variety of interesting and new people that help to make our campus so special.  
    The collective personalities and nationalities that make up New Hampton are what I believe make our school so special. Being a part of such a positive, unique community motivates me to get involved in different activities that would allow me to better know my classmates. Embracing our great community is what I think makes someone All-In.” 

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  • Steven

    Hello, my name is Steven Ardagna. I am a senior here at New Hampton School. I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I enjoy playing hockey, playing pick-up basketball with my friends, and “chilling with the boys” everyday. This will be my fourth year giving tours to prospective students and their families, and I couldn’t be more excited for it! My advisor, Mr. Przepiorka, is a huge role model for me here at Husky Nation. “Prez,” as we call him, has served as my house parent, advisor, and hockey coach at New Hampton, and I really appreciate all of the support he has given me over the years. The way he embraces his family and his incredible 
    knowledge about 
    the happenings around the world really make me look up to him. Mr. Przepiorka, like most advisors in our community, cares for me like my parents would if I was home with my family. This community is filled with support. 
    I’m “All In” because I want this year to be the best year New Hampton has ever seen. Our student body is diverse and full of different types of people from all over the country and world. Athletes, artists, musicians, actors and actresses, caring faculty members, and all around amazing people make up New Hampton School. The togetherness of this community, 
    and the support that is there for each and every student, pushes me to be “All In!”

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  • Taze

    Hello, Husky Nation! My name is Tazeand I am a senior from Edmonton, Alberta. I play Varsity Hockey and Varsity Lacrosse, and I am an event manager throughout the fall season. I am fortunate enough to serve as a House Proctor in the best dorm of all timeMoore House! I am also the Senior Class Co-President. During my time at New Hampton School, I have found that our campus encompasses a feeling of inclusivity and diversity that extends from our staff and faculty to our student-body. My Husky role models include all of my teachers for their countless hours helping and guiding me towards academic success and my athletic coaches and trainers for providing the best facilities and programs for their athletes. Mr. Mure, our strength and conditioning coach, is someone who has transformed me not only has an athlete but also as an intellectual. I am so thankful for all of the new people I have met at New Hampton. 

    I am All In” for New Hampton School because I want to give back to the community that has given me so much. New Hampton has offered me a home away from home and a new family comprised of over 350 people. The resources available at our school give everyone a new and authentic opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone. Our theme of being All In” is illustrated every day and is visible everywhere around campus. Whether it is expressing gratitude to our dining staff, chatting happily with new people, or supporting musical and sporting events, our Huskies are always “All In for each other. I am “All In” for New Hampton School because New Hampton School is “All In” for me! I am so excited for this school-year! Go Husky Nation!

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  • Thomas

    My name is Thomas Prentice and I am a senior from Merrimack, New Hampshire. All four of my years at New Hampton School I have been a boarder, and this has just enchanted my experiencethe friendships and bonds I make within thhouse are thones I will remember forever. My last two years, I’ve served as a proctor, which has helped me create bonds with all of the students. Outside of the dorm, I’ve been involved with Varsity Soccer all four years along with Basketball and taking part in the Outing Club. I’ve also expanded my horizons by playing a part in the fall play productions. Ththeatre director, Mr. Sampson, has become a role model of mine because of how he treats everyone kindly and is always there when you need a joke or a fist bump to pick up your day.  
    All In is our school theme this year. This theme can have many different meanings to people. “All In to me means being a community member. Our community at New Hampton School is very special because all of the students here are devoted to supporting each other. On our campus, when you walk around you will see kids holding doors for one another and helping each other in and out of the classroom no matter their grade, gender, or what teams they play on. 

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  • Tulio

    My name is Tulio and I am a senior from San Francisco, CaliforniaI aproud to say that I am a current Student Body Co-President. In addition to serving on the student council, I am a proctor in the best dorm on campusEbbels House. Academically, I am a full IB studentso I basically resent sleep. I am also a co-founder of the Husky Diversity Council. Otherwise, I would say that the 
    important thing to know about me is that my favorite food is pizza.  
    I’m “All in at New Hampton because I feel involved in all aspects of New Hampton School life. I think that the key to being successful here is
    putting yourself out there. I constantly challenge myself to try new things and expand my comfort zone. For example, I put myself out there by dedicating myself to various sports teams in addition to my love for learning.  

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  • Candice

    Hi, everyone! My name is Candice Guo. I am from Beijing, China. I have been a tour guide for three years and have spent two years serving as an International Ambassador. Being a student leader has become one of my favorite aspects of my time at NHS. Because I am very outgoing, I enjoy organizing activities during the Chinese traditional festivals and performing on International Night. My husky role model is Tulio because he is always so positive and energetic. I have many classes with him, and he is always the first to answer questions and lead the discussion. One funny thing about Tulio is that he usually calls me by my Chinese name. Even though his pronunciation is not great, it means a lot that he tries.
    “All In, to me, means that no matter where you are from, you can still find ways to get involved with this community. We all know that New Hampton School is a diverse community. As an international student, I know how hard it can be to speak a totally different language and acclimate to living in another country. I want to help new students by creating a comfortable and pleasant environment for them to study and live inAs a senior, this is my last year, so I really want to try my best to contribute and devote as much time as I can to New Hampton. I love giving tours and introducing my favorite school to everyone!  

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  • Will

    My name is Will Wood, and I am a day student from Franklin, New Hampshire. I’m a four-year Varsity Soccer and Baseball player, Honor Board Chair, and Senior Husky Ambassador. I chose Husky Nation my freshman year because I wanted to challenge myself academically and push myself athletically. New Hampton is a place where you can thrive and achieve your best self. This school offers all of the resources you could ever need for success.  
    In my opinion, there is no reason not to be ‘All In.’ My parents have provided me with the amazing opportunity of attending New Hampton Schoolthe least I can do is make every second count and get the absolute most out of it. You only get one go-around in life, so why not go ‘All In’ and see what happens? I encourage everyone to go ‘All In’ and appreciate all of the opportunities you’re given here—you’ll be glad you did! 

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  • Zola

    Hi, everyone! I’m Zola Braswell, and I’m a senior from Portsmouth, NH. I play Soccer, JV Hockey, and Varsity Softball here at New Hampton School. I also participate in the school musical in the spring, and I am thStudent Body Co-President! I love every member of Husky Nation, and I’m excited to share our community with newcomers
    through this role as
     a Senior Husky Ambassador. 
    This year, I’m “All In” for many reasons. One reason is because I’m a senior and I want my last year here to be the best one yet! But for real, I’ve found that New Hampton has indirectly taught me to go “All In for everything that I do. From academics to sports, I just want to do my best for everyone else in this communityI love New Hampton School! 


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