A Day at Husky Nation

A Day at Husky Nation

New Hampton School provides a full day of academic classes, co-curricular activities, and study time. In between, students are encouraged to enjoy each others' company in the common spaces on campus. The weekends are spent engaging in athletic events, coordinated daytime activities, and evening entertainment.

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  • Early Morning

    Some of our students rise early to take advantage of our well-equipped exercise facilities. Others start the day in the company of their house mates as they walk across campus for breakfast. By 7am, the Dining Hall is open and provides a spread of healthful foods and beverages before they head to class.
  • Academic Day

    The Daily Schedule includes academic classes, punctuated by School Meeting and Advisor/Academic Meeting blocks twice a week. 
  • After Class

    NHS students have a wide array of co-curricular activities to participate in after the academic day ends. Some students head to the locker room to get ready for athletic practice on the fields or a workout in the weight room. Others participate in our theater productions, literature magazine, or yearbook staff.
  • Evening Study

    Day students are welcome to stay on campus until 7:30pm, at which time, boarding students return to their houses to check-in and begin evening studies. Students study quietly in their rooms unless granted permission for group study. They may also go to the Academic Resource Center with a Library Pass from a teacher. House Parents regularly tour their houses to check in with students and make sure they are staying on task.
  • Weekend

    Most Saturdays have academic classes scheduled until around Noon. The afternoon may be spend engaged in athletic events, participating in coordinated Student Activities, spending time with family/friends, or any combination of the above. Sunday begins with brunch in the Dining Hall, followed by a selection of on- and off-campus activities/athletics, and ends with dinner and study hours for our boarding students.

Shared Spaces

In between academic clases and co-curricular activities, students and faculty enjoy the community spaces. Below, take a closer look at how our beautiful campus provides places for group studying, catching up with friends, or just taking in some fresh air.

Academic Resource Center

Milne Lounge

Outdoor Spaces

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