Design and Engineering: London

Essential Question

How do we use design and engineering to improve our daily lives?

Project Description

Do you like design or engineering? If so, then this is the project for you. We will be spending a week in London to visit with some of the world’s foremost architects, product designers, and engineers to learn more about their processes and the technical skills they use to create in their disciplines.

Following this visit, we will use a local makerspace where we will work as a team on a project of our own in response to what we have learned. We will use CAD to create our designs and then fabricate them at the makerspace using 3D printers, laser cutters, and other design tools. We will then assess our product on its aesthetics and its performance. From this process we will learn more about the challenges faced by designers and engineers and we will collectively gain an understanding of how design and engineering improves our daily lives.
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