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Joining New Hampton School means becoming a part of a globally-minded community that pushes you to challenge yourself, your curiosity, and your expectations of teaching and learning. 
A full-time faculty member at New Hampton School participates in all facets of boarding school life. Believing teachable moments occur across our campus and at all times of the day or evening, we ask each faculty member to work in the classroom, co-curricular arena, residential life program, and as an advisor.  
Our full-time faculty members perform the following duties:
  • Teach four content area classes or tutor five class periods;
  • Advise six students;
  • Perform residential life duties as a member of a four-person team;
  • Provide co-curricular responsibilities during two of three seasons.

We Believe in Our Teachers

New Hampton School is dedicated to the professional development of their faculty colleagues and encourages them to continue their studies and to enrich their learning. Among the support available include opportunities such as:

  • Mentor programming during your first year
  • On-campus professional development workshops several times per year
  • Dedicated faculty department heads, Dean of Faculty, and administration team
  • Support for AP certifications
  • Support for IB certifications and ongoing workshops
  • Structured professional development applications that ensure accessible opportunities to a diverse group of faculty annually


We appreciate your interest in New Hampton School. Please send a resume, cover letter, and recommendations to the appropriate hiring manager.

New Hampton School seeks to become a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. In your one-page cover letter, please share your interest in joining our independent boarding school and community.

Faculty Openings

Submit applications to:
Jessica MacLeod '02, Dean of Faculty

Co-Curricular Openings

Submit application to:
Jamie Arsenault, Director of Athletics and Co-Curriculars

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  • Photo of Jessica MacLeod

    Jessica MacLeod 

    Dean of Faculty

About Jess

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  • What do you enjoy most about teaching?

    I really like connecting with my students and allowing them to take charge of their own learning. I love it when they are curious, creative, and interact with their peers. When my role is to stand by and watch them be the leaders of the classroom, I feel like this is the best moment in the class.
  • What do you look forward to as an advisor?

    I look forward to creating a trusting relationship with students. When I can joke, inspire, be a listener or be a guide for a student outside the walls of the classroom, I feel as if a student is starting to become the person they want to be.
  • Why do you choose New Hampton School?

    The community. I love that the faculty never settle down for something comfortable; they always want to learn and try new ideas in their classroom. I love that our faculty truly love being with our students and supporting them. The students are amazing in so many different ways, and I love that we can see so many students succeed in their interests.

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  • Photo of Jonathan Schwab

    Jonathan Schwab 

    Director of Global Programs

About Jonathan

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  • What do you enjoy most about teaching?

    I enjoy seeing the growth in my students as they learn to engage with the world around them. Students are unpretentious and willing to be vulnerable and collaborate with each other in the learning process. Students are always willing to help each other and want the best for themselves and their peers.
  • What do you look forward to as an advisor?

    The connection I have with my advisees is something truly special. From the freshmen overnight to the 4-year student lunch when they are seniors, being able to travel through high school with the same group of students and see them grow is remarkable.
  • Why do you choose New Hampton School?

    New Hampton Schools allows me to grow every day as a teacher. It has afforded me opportunities to stretch while being supported by a family of colleagues who are all pulling in the same direction to make our school and community better.

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  • Photo of Jennifer McMahon

    Mrs. Jennifer McMahon 

    Director of Studies

About Jennifer

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  • What do you enjoy most about teaching?

    I like guiding the students through the process of learning so they discover their strengths and allow themselves to appreciate their abilities and potential.
  • What do you look forward to as an advisor?

    I look forward to watching my advisees mature from young, nervous freshmen to confident seniors who appreciate all the special moments we have had together as an advisee group.
  • Why do you choose New Hampton School?

    I choose New Hampton because of all the authentic relationships I have cultivated over the years with students, parents, and all of the Husky community.
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