Surfrider in Puerto Rico

Essential Question

How can we learn about conservation and environmental diversity from the people of Rincon, Puerto Rico?

Project Description

Service learning, with the local Surfrider Foundation chapter will teach us how they are working to protect clean water and public health as climate change and plastics plague our oceans. We will learn how to test water quality, clean a coral reef and local beach, and explore the cultural and environmental diversity that makes Rincon, Puerto Rico special.

Our base camp at the Rincon Surf School will offer surfing lessons and snorkeling adventures to connect with and appreciate our oceans. We will witness how climate change and ocean pollution affects island life, and how the people of Rincon are tackling these problems. We will leave Puerto Rico with a thorough understanding of this rich island environment, global problems we need to be aware of, and skills to be truly active global citizens and ecotourists.
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