Health & Wellness

We provide a wide range of health and wellness services to our students including access to our Health Center Staff, arranging doctor's appointments, counseling, flu preparedness and athletic training.

Health Services
New Hampton School will provide your student with high quality school nursing services, day infirmary care, preventive and rehabilitative care for sports injuries, brief behavioral and emotional assessments, brief supportive counseling and treatment coordination, and on-site medical care for minor illnesses and injuries. There are no additional fees for these services.

The Health Center is open during the school year Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 7:30 pm. On Saturdays hours are 7:00 am until noon and on Sunday from 10 am until noon. The nurse-manager, Cynthia Glidden, R.N. will be on-campus during the day Monday through Friday. The daily clinic for acute illness and injuries will be held from 10 am until noon, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The nurse-practitioner will be available by appointment. The Athletic Training staff will be available at the athletic center and on the fields for guidance about prevention and the evaluation and treatment of athletic injuries. The School Counselor is available to discuss emotional or behavioral concerns, to provide students with support during difficult times, and to assess problems and recommend appropriate interventions.

Counseling Services
Nicole Siciliano is the Director of Counseling at New Hampton School. Ms. Siciliano holds an MEd in School Counseling as well as a BA in Psychology from Saint Michael's College. Nicole has a passion for helping students and families navigate through school and various mental health challenges.
  • Assessment and support for students struggling with various emotional challenges
  • Psycho-education in the development of life long skills including: increased self-advocacy, healthy coping mechanisms, social awareness, and empathy for others
  • Facilitation and connection with parents, advisors, teachers, or other essential adults in the student’s life
  • Appropriate referrals to out sourced therapists
  • A comprehensive and school-wide Health and Wellness curriculum
Out Sourced Therapists:
  • Students who are seeking long-term, individual, therapy are referred to out sourced therapists to promote a private and confidential therapeutic relationship
  • The student and family take an active role in choosing their therapist
  • Sessions take place in a private office in the Health Center
  • Sessions will be scheduled based off the student’s academic and co-curricular schedule
Flu Preparedness
As students return to campus we are taking many steps to care for the health and well being of our community. To help our campus prepare for the flu we take the following steps:
  • Educating students and staff about the flu
  • Asking students and staff to stay home when ill
  • Asking students and staff to cover their mouth and nose when sneezing
  • Providing alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Cleaning surfaces frequently
  • Developing a plan to include further developments and recommendations

Services for Athletes
In addition, New Hampton School employs two full-time state-licensed certified athletic trainers. The training room is equipped with a hydro-collator, ultrasound unit, electrical muscle stimulant unit, two whirlpool tubs, and four treatment tables. New Hampton School has a total of 8 portable External Automated Defibrillators (AED's) on campus for our use.

Meet the Staff

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  • Photo of Nicole Siciliano

    Nicole Siciliano 

    Director of Counseling
  • Photo of Cindy Glidden

    Cindy Glidden 

    Director of Health Services
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