IB Summer Expectations


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  • IB Summer CAS

    Creativity Action And Service (CAS)

    CAS: Students will need to read the CAS Manual (on website).  Please think of activities you will want to do in each of the areas: C-A-S! Please send me ideas in your area of interest for service groups in the fall.  rbrewster@newhampton.org


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  • IB Biology SL and HL Year 2

    1. Kognity Topic 5 - Evolution and Biodiversity,Read and take notes of sections 5.1-5.4. Complete the checkpoint questions and the strength tests.

Extended Essay

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  • IB Summer Extended Essay

    EE Guide including assessment criteria-this guide is the official IB guide to the extended essay.  It has the general details for all essays, as well as the assessment criteria (A-K) that the essay is judged on.  Students should read this guide over the summer.
    Extended Essay outline-this is the outline we use in NHS classes for the essays.  It's a compilation of the major points in the EE guide and answers some formatting questions that students may have. Students should read this outline over the summer.
    EE Examples-this is a PDF taken from a book called IB Prepared: Extended Essay (by Finbar O'Farrell).  It's a compilation of examples for different criteria taken from actual essays.  It's very useful because you can see exactly why some essays received lower marks for sections, and shows what not to do.
    Students should research over the summer. The first draft of the Extended Essay must be completed upon arrival at NHS in the fall.
    See the outline in the download section.


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  • IB Math SL Year 1

    IB Math SL Y1 – Background Knowledge
    Review of important math concepts, formulas and practice problems, which should smoothen the transition of Year 1 students into the IB class. Please post with a recommendation of a two-week low-intensity summer assignment - no need to complete all practice problem, depending on student’s level of familiarity with and proficiency in the material.

    Please click here to download assignment
  • IB Math SL Year 2

    IB Math SL Y2 - Internal Assessment – Research


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  • IB Summer English Year 2 (SL and HL)

    IB English HL & SL Year 2
    2018 Summer Reading Assignment
                    Congratulations! You’ve made it through your first year of IB Literature! Time to enjoy some well-deserved respite from the classroom. When you get back in the fall, it’s a swift run-up to the next IB assessment, the Individual Oral Commentary. For SL students, this is a ten minute spoken analysis of one of the texts you read in the fall. For HL students, the IOC is 20 minutes - eight minutes of spoken analysis of a poem you read in the fall, two minutes of follow-up questions, then ten minutes of discussion on one of the other texts from the fall. Why so much information about the IOC? This summer you are assigned reading from The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield, stories which will definitely turn up in the HL IOCs and may turn up in the SL IOC.
                    SL students, be ready to present and discuss at the start of the year.
                    HL students, please write a 6 - 8 sentence response to each story after you’ve finished. These should all be saved in the same document. Reflection question: what were you left thinking about when the story ended? 
    Assigned stories:
    1. “At the Bay” (1)
    2. “The Garden Party” (61)
    3. “Marriage a la Mode” (163)
    4. “Miss Brill” (199)
    5. “The Stranger” (233)
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