Title IX

Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator has the duty to address sexual misconduct and discrimination and remedy the effects on the victim and the School community. The Coordinator will make every effort to maintain confidentiality but may be required to investigate the incident. 
Reports can be made by contacting a New Hampton School coordinator or online by going to Safe Schools.

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Chuck George, Report Investigator
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Students, employees and visitors to New Hampton School should feel confident that issues relating to discrimination, sexual harassment, and workplace violence will be given appropriate attention at New Hampton School.  It is important for individuals who are experiencing (or know of others who are experiencing) sexually harassing or discriminatory behavior to immediately report it to a school official.  As New Hampton’s policy states, such behavior is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Anyone having questions or comments regarding New Hampton School’s regulations related to Discrimination and Harassment, and Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policies are encouraged to contact the school’s Title IX Coordinator: sparker@newhampton.org.
New Hampton School does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its educational programs and activities, consistent with Title IX that requires it not to discriminate in such a manner. Persons seeking admission, employment, or access to programs at New Hampton School shall be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, veteran’s status, sexual orientation or political belief.
Safe Schools Alert

New Hampton School encourages students and employees to discuss issues of concern with their supervisor, trusted adult or a member of the Administration. However, should there be a situation that a person is not comfortable discussing in person, SafeSchools ALERT provides a place to report these issues. The program allows students and employees to report anonymously or identify themselves by name if they so choose.
If a student or employee chooses to remain anonymous it is important to note that if incomplete information or insufficient information is provided the incident may be difficult to investigate and follow up on thoroughly.  Therefore, the reporting party is encouraged to give their name. The incident will remain confidential to the extent possible and the individual will only be contacted should there be a need to do so in order to further investigate the incident.
In order to report an incident, log onto the New Hampton School website at www.newhampton.org/login and login with your ID to the secure area of the website. Navigate to the resources page, and under Campus Safety you will find a link to SafeSchools Alert. Once on the home page, choose the appropriate category and complete per the instructions.
Once you submit the form it will automatically be sent to the Head of School, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources, Director of School Life, Director of Campus Safety, and our legal counsel. This process ensures proper follow up on any type of report.
SafeSchools Alert is not for use in emergency situations. When urgent intervention is required, 911 should be called immediately.
New Hampton School is required to respond to all reports of sexual misconduct, civil rights discrimination, and workplace violence in the most appropriate manner. Responding to these concerns does not indicate that there has been a violation of school policy.
After receiving a report, the School will begin an assessment, which normally will start within 72 hours of receipt of the incident report. Typically, this will include the following actions:
  1. An initial meeting with the person filing the incident report to:
    • Review the incident report;
    • Collect or request all relevant evidence and documents;
    • Review rights and options with respect to the incident reported;
    • Review relevant interim protective measures.
  2. An initial meeting with the person(s) accused
    • Review the written incident report;
    • Collect or request all relevant evidence and documents;
    • Review of rights and options with respect to the incident reported;
    • Review of relevant interim protective measures.
  3. Meetings with witness(es) who have direct knowledge of events.
  4. Review of all relevant documentation.
  5. Follow-up meeting(s) or contact(s) with the person filing the incident report and the accused to ascertain additional information, to clarify information, and to update on the status of the investigation process.
  6. The person conducting the investigation may, except in cases involving sexual violence, seek to resolve the matter informally.
  7. At the conclusion of the investigation, the person conducting the investigation will retain all records and notes of the investigation.
  8. The person conducting the investigation shall prepare a written report, including the summary of findings and outcomes. The person conducting the investigation may use college resources, including peers or colleagues trained in Title IX proceedings, to assist in the preparation of the written report. 
  9. Thereafter, a copy of the summary of findings will be provided to the individual filing the incident report and the accused. Witnesses will not receive the written report but may review any sections which refer to them.
Depending on the nature of the incident report, the complexity of the issues and events, number and availability of witnesses, the amount of information to be gathered and reviewed, and other factors, New Hampton School will attempt to complete the investigation within 60 calendar days. Additional time may be necessary in order to conduct a fair and equitable investigation. The person filing the incident report and the accused will be informed periodically of the status of the investigation.
While New Hampton School will exercise reasonable diligence in complying with the timelines and procedures outlined, deviations may occur in order to meet the intent of the policy or to ensure the fair and equitable resolution of a reported incident. The person filing the incident report, or the accused should report any procedural error or deficiency to the Title IX Coordinator. A procedural error or deficiency shall not require an outcome in favor of the person allegedly disadvantaged by the error.

Responsible Employees
Many employees (faculty members, administrators, residence assistants and directors, coaches, advisors) are able to offer emotional support to victims and help direct them to appropriate resources. Responsible employees, upon receiving notice of sexual misconduct, are required by law to notify the Title IX Coordinator the details of sexual misconduct. At New Hampton School, ALL EMPLOYEES are considered responsible employees except those who have been designated confidential employees (victim advocates, health care providers, mental health counselors, and clergy acting in their professional/confidential role). 
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