Online Summer Programs

All programs offered at no cost for summer 2020

Our Online Summer Programs are part of New Hampton School’s mission to cultivate lifelong learners who will serve as active global citizens. Innovation is at the core of a New Hampton School experience and we are thrilled to offer these opportunities in a new format this summer. 
These programs vary in length and daily commitment. See specific program details for additional information. Students will receive a narrative comment at the end of the course that speaks to their level of work and commitment to learning throughout their session. 

A typical day will vary based on program and require engagement that consists of both asynchronous and synchronous instruction, taking into consideration the time zones of the participants. 

Synchronous Instruction

Synchronous instruction occurs digitally in real-time, based on a schedule that is accessible for students across many global time zones. Synchronous sessions will be recorded so that students can follow along on their own schedules if their time zone makes synchronous work a challenge. A key advantage of synchronous learning is that it fosters a greater sense of human connection between participants.

Asychronous Instruction

Asynchronous instruction involves students engaging in materials online and completing work at their own pace, typically within a set timeframe and utilizing discussion boards to drive peer-to-peer engagement. A key advantage of asynchronous learning is that it will allow students in all time zones equal access to the learning process.
Each Online Summer Program will use New Hampton School’s Learning Management System as its centralized location for all learning materials, submissions and digital interaction. Synchronous sessions and breakout groups will be facilitated using the Zoom digital meeting platform. 


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    Jonathan Schwab 

    Director of Strategic Initiatives, History Faculty

Programs Open to NHS and non-NHS students

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  • Advanced Reading Skills

    In order for readers in the secondary grades to be proficient, they must be strategic as they move from initial understanding to analysis and interpretation of the text. This class is designed for practicing active reading skills and learn strategies to enrich their reading experiences, including but not limited to vocabulary enrichment, fluency, and understanding connections between texts, experiences, and knowledge of the world at large. The all-school read One Goal: A Coach, a Team, and the Game That Brought a Divided Town Together will be the primary text students read as the practice these strategies. Students will need to purchase this text. 
    Session 1: July 6-17, 2020
    Session 2: July 20-31, 2020

  • Entrepreneurship

    Students will enhance their collaboration and critical thinking skills while learning an introduction to Entrepreneurship. Students will start and incubate a business or non-profit concept to address a current need during the Coronavirus global pandemic. Students who have already begun a business or concept are encouraged to bring it with them to accelerate it during this session. Students will be able to connect with professionals through New Hampton School’s network, who will help guide and consult on concepts.  
    Session Dates: July 20-31, 2020
  • Summer IB Program

    At the New Hampton School Summer IB Program, IB Diploma candidates from around the world come together virtually for an opportunity to work on their CAS hours and projects and complete their Extended Essay. This program is open to any IB Diploma candidate entering the final year of their IB Program. Students can anticipate 3-4 hours of work per day that can be spaced out based on their schedule.

    A structure and framework will be provided for asynchronous work, with synchronous sessions to discuss research, methodology, and progress, as well as time for the cohort of students to meet and socialize. 
    Session Dates: July 6 – 17, 2020, with ongoing weekly meet-ups after the session date.
  • Summer Writing Program: Reading, Writing, and Citing the News of Today

    The enrollment for this program has reached capacity. If you are interested in having your name on a waiting list, please email

    Sharpen your ability to effectively communicate across all academic disciplines, learning how to engage in research and develop a paper using current news articles as our literature of choice. We will first closely examine MLA formatting guidelines, refreshing our brains as to how to cite our research correctly. As a group, we are going to then tackle a prompt that will use news articles to support our ideas. Formulation of a thesis, research and citation methods, outline creation, drafting, writing, and revising will be covered over these two weeks. Time will also be spent looking at how to tackle outlining papers and best approaches for research, outlining, drafting, and writing; multiple methods will be given for students to evaluate what works best for their learning style.

    Session Dates: July 13-24, 2020

Programs Open to NHS students only

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  • College Counseling

    Students in the class of 2021 will be able to utilize New Hampton School’s college counseling office with a goal to complete their college essay and Common Application by the end of each session.

    Students do not need to register for this program. All members of the class of 2021 will be receiving infromation directly from the College Office and can contact Maggie Farnsworth with questions. 
  • Introduction to Finance and Investments

    Introduction to Finance and Investments
    Introduction to Finance and Investments is designed to introduce high school students to the underlying concepts about investing and basic issues around economics. It will also examine how companies finance themselves and a framework for stock/bond investing. 
    The class will culminate with an independent presentation about a company that each student has chosen and ask them to frame the company as a potential investment idea.
    This is an introductory course to finance and investment concepts. There are no prior academic requirements. Participants will be asked to read/watch selected items before class and be prepared to discuss questions about the reading. In addition to 3 hours of classes per week, students should expect 4-6 hours per week of reading and preparation. By the end of Week 1, students will pick a public company and over the next two weeks will be asked to answer questions about that company using information and the framework from the week’s reading and lectures. Students will need to go to the company websites and financial statements to complete assignments. At the end of the course, each student will give a presentation on their company.

    Introduction to Finance and Investments will meet three times a week from 5:00pm - 6:15pm EDT between July 6 - 31, 2020. 
  • Sports Leadership

    Students and alumni will learn about and discuss various styles of leadership as they apply to sports and sports psychology. This group will connect with professionals through New Hampton School’s network for master class sessions and discussions. 

    Additional details, the list of speakers, and more will be shared with registrants.
  • Summer Math Boost

    Students will be able to receive instruction and support from New Hampton School math faculty to work on skills and concepts through the ALEKS program.
  • Husky 101

    Husky 101 will allow incoming students the opportunity to connect with one another in a relaxed and enjoyable platform, while also helping them to learn some of the traditions and resources available to them at NHS. New students will have the chance to meet some of the teachers and administrators with whom they will interact with most frequently, begin to learn about our online system for tracking grades and submitting assignments, learn about the history and traditions of our school, and identify ways to get involved in school life right from the start.

    This program is being offered to new students. Please register using the registration form found on the online summer programs page. Once registered, a memeber of the student life office will be in touch with more information and the schedule

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