Working toward a more sustainable school, country, and world

The Husky Green Council (HGC) is a group of students, faculty, staff, and administrators that are dedicated to a sustainable school, community, and world.  Members of the HGC provide education, leadership, and change toward a life that is sustainable.
Sustainability should be the lens through which all decisions are made as well as the web that connects our world community. At New Hampton, we strive to make this a reality. Sustainability reveals itself in many places and various forms in our village. This ever-expanding web includes curricular initiatives in the areas of academics, athletics, arts, service and residential life, as well as operational initiatives for transportation, buildings, and grounds.  
  • The Husky Green Council - student club
  • Farm Team - co-curricular in the greenhouse
  • Sustainability Service Projects - Partnering with the local community
  • House Resource Use Competitions
  • Greenhouse Intern Positions - academic year and summer positions
  • Agroecology course in the greenhouse
  • Environmental Art and Upcycling courses
  • Science units focusing on energy use, conservation, composting, and global issues
  • Sustainability Competencies for courses
  • Annual Earth Day celebration and education for community
  • Green and sustainabie items for sale in school store
  • Building and Grounds improvement projects
  • Transitional Organic Turf Management program
  • Dining Hall sources local and organic ingredients, offers many dietary options 
  • Our Community Service Group "Head, Heart, Hands" dedicated to increasing awareness of sustainability on campus
  • Senior Leadership Projects that explore sustainable practices on campus
  • Campus jobs that focus on recycling
  • Dorm involvement through energy reduction competitions and "Green Proctors"
  • An Environmental Art course
  • Science Units on composting, energy conservation, and environmental science
  • Building improvements to decrease heat loss and save energy
  • Education through Presentations at School Meeting and Earth Day Celebrations

Sustainability Projects

List of 9 items.

  • Building The NHS Greenhouse

    In 2014, during Project Week, students and faculty constructed a hoop house on campus. The NHS Greenhouse is a space dedicated to teaching and learning about sustainable agriculture. It is home to the Agroecology class, Farm Team, Greenhouse Interns Program, and many other student projects for classes and service learning. The NHS Greenhouse also provides a warm place to relax, meditate or hang out with friends on campus.
  • Dealing with Drought

    Facing drought conditions in the state of New Hampshire, students and teachers decided to take some action. The freshman Science & Sustainability class organized a House Competition to bring awareness and action to our need to reduce water usage on campus.
  • Greens 4 Graduation

    Greens 4 Graduation is an annual project that was initiated when we built our campus greenhouse. Every year on Earth Day, advisee groups each plant a flat of greens. These are watered and tended in the greenhouse until graduation. They are harvested and served at Baccalaureate Dinner, the final meal that celebrates our graduating seniors.
  • Husky Exchange

    Move out inevitably uncovers jeans that were never worn, boots that no longer fit or appliances that won’t be needed next year in college. Rather than see these items end up in the dumpster, student leaders in sustainability organize a large one day thrift store on campus. Items can be donated and taken without any exchange of money. All items left over are donated to The Bridge House, a homeless shelter in Plymouth, NH.
  • The Dining Hall is a Teachable Moment

    The Dining Hall at NHS is a place where students will not only eat, but also learn about what they are eating. Neal Shartar, a passionate leader in the food service world, is dedicated to providing options that are healthy for our community while also being healthy for the planet. He sources many local and organic ingredients, bakes all desserts and pastries from scratch and offers options to support many dietary preferences including gluten free, vegan and vegetarian. NHS recognizes the challenges associated with food waste in this world. We encourage our students to “take less, eat it all and come back for more.”
  • Numbers Talk, New Hampton's Ecological Footprint

    An ecological footprint is a measure of the resources consumed by a family, community, or nation, relative to the total resource pool available on our planet.  This metric gives us a sense of how sustainably we are living our lives and if the planet can support our current patterns of consumption and waste.  We are working to calculate New Hampton School's ecological footprint.  Generating numbers for our resource consumption and waste streams will allow us to inform our community, increase awareness, and demonstrate the need for change.
  • Dorm Energy Contest

    Students at New Hampton School are organizing a dorm competition to reduce energy usage on campus.  The competition between dorms will aim to educate students about ways to conserve energy.  Green Proctors in each dorm will be appointed to facilitate the competition.  The dorm with the greatest reduction in energy during the campus-wide competition will receive a surprise prize.  Students are considering using some of the money saved by reducing energy use to finance the competition.
  • Green Up The School Store

    Members of the HGC are researching "green" items to be sold in our campus store.  Some of their ideas include, solar ipod and cell phone chargers, green cleaning and bathroom supplies, organic cotton NHS clothing, recycled school supplies, and books on sustainability and the environment.  They are also looking into recycling bins and composting bins for faculty apartments.  The HGC hopes to have these items available for purchase in the store this year!
  • Composting

    Faculty and students at NHS are researching the implementation of a large scale composting facility on-campus.  There are many benefits to composting our food waste and landscaping scraps.  The compost can be used around campus on our grounds, we will create less waste that we must pay to dispose of, and composting has many applications in our science curriculum.  HGC members are in the research phase and are examining composting facilities at other schools and universities.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Food Day celebration
  • Creation of Green Proctors program
  • Construction of solar hot water heaters on two campus buildings
  • Partnership with the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative
  • Earth Day celebration
  • Visit from solar powered rock band 
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