Student Leadership at New Hampton School

Students have a variety of leadership opportunities to pursue within the Student Life Office

They can be elected to Student Council, selected to be Proctors, serve on the Honor Board, become International Ambassadors, or contribute to the Student Activites Council. All student leaders serve as positive role models and exemplify the New Hampton School leadership qualities of respectfulness, approachability, and integrity.
The Student Council is advised by a faculty member and led by the Student Body President. With the help of the faculty Class Deans, the Student Council members run Class Meetings and help with the planning and execution of weekend activities. They lead School Meetings, create School pride, and serve as liaisons between students and School administration. Class President elections are held each spring, except for the freshman class election, which occurs in the fall. Student Council Reps, two from each class, are also elected every fall.
Proctors focus on building positive relationships amongst all students in the house. They help manage relationships within house and assist younger/new students with the challenges of family life at a boarding school. Proctors serve the community during Orientation, House Meetings and study hall, and other House-related events.

The Honor Board is responsible for assessing violations, and for recommending responses and/or consequences. The Student Honor Board Chair and Honor Board Members show deep understanding of the Honor Code and Major School Expectations. They represent the student voice at Honor Board meetings and are expected to maintain a high level of confidentiality.

International Ambassadors may be either domestic or international students. They support a global vision and cross-cultural understanding, while remaining respected ambassadors for their own cultures. Ambassadors help new international students with the transition to New Hampton School, participating in New International Student Orientation and the Peer Mentoring program through the fall semester.

The Student Activities Council, headed by two Student Co-Chairs and facilitated by the Director of Student Activities, plan regular weekend activities. They attend and encourage others to attend planned events. When necessary, they work with the Student Council for all-school activities.
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