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  • What activities are offered on the weekends?

    The Student Activities Council, run by students and facilitated by the Director of Student Activities, devotes its efforts to providing creative and engaging outlets on weekends and other free times of the year. On-campus weekend activities include, but are not limited to, NHS athletic events, hypnotist/mentalists, live bands, and talent shows. Off-campus destinations include local hiking expeditions, carnivals, and movie theaters. Winter Carnival and Spring Fest are community weekends in February and April, respectively, offering two days of fun activities and games. The Student Activities Office is located in the Moore Center and students are encouraged to speak with Student Activities Council members about ideas and opportunities. 
  • What should I bring to school?

    Read our Recommended Packing List for suggested items to bring, as well as a list of prohibited items. This document also outlines the room contents every boarding student will have. As stated in the House Guidelines section of the Student Life Handbook, only school-provided furniture is permitted in student houses. No couches, chairs, or other large items should be brought to campus.
    Please remember that New England weather through the fall will require warm clothes, such as a sweater, fleece and waterproof jacket. Expect to need a winter coat, boots, hats, and gloves during the winter season.
  • Does New Hampton School have a dress code?

    New Hampton School recognizes the individuality of personal appearance, and we expect members to dress and act in a respectful manner at all times. While student uniforms are not a requirement, clothes must be in good repair, fit properly and be clear of any disrespectful language or images. No athletic shorts or pants, sweat pants, exercise pants, or pajama pants are allowed during class hours. Shirts and footwear are worn at all times.
    There are occasions when higher standards of dress are required. Examples include Convocation, Community Dinners and Meetings, class presentations, Commencement, and other formal events.
    For a more detailed look at the school's personal presentation standards, refer to the Student Life Handbook.
  • How do I do laundry at school?

    In order to help students to maintain as clean and hygienic a living environment as possible, New Hampton School has partnered with E&R - The Campus Laundry, to provide laundry services at a discounted rate. You can sign up for this service during registration. There will be a weekly exchange of two sheets, one pillowcase, and three bath towels for each boarder. Blankets are not provided with the service. For more details or to sign up now, read through the E&R Laundry Service Information available for download on this page.
    Card-operated washers and dryers, located in the basement of Berry Hall, are available for everyone's use. In addition, some residential houses also have laundry facilities. However, a bed and bath linen service, at minimum, is recommended for all boarding students.
  • What are the NHS standards for room cleanliness?

    You are expected to keep your room neat and clean at all times. We expect furnishings to be arranged and rooms ro be maintained in a manner conducive to responsible living and study habits. House parents inspect rooms on a regular basis. Those students who fail room inspection will be room-restricted for the remainder of the evening or until they clean their room to meet the satisfaction of the house parent on duty, Students consistently failing inspections or not agreeing to clean their room after being asked may be reported to the Student Life Office and face disciplinary actions.
  • What do I do if there is an emergency in my house?

    Upon the first indication that an alarm has sounded, leave the building through exits designated by lighted exit signs. Once outside of the building, join your house parent and house mates until you receive further direction from your adult leader. Each house will drill these procedures regularly.
    Creating a fire hazard in or around any campus building constitutes a violation of Major School Expectations with serious disciplinary consequences. Learn more about student safety and expectations in the Student Life Handbook.
  • What if I don't get along with my roommate?

    The School Life Office authorizes all housing decisions for the students. In general, when there is a problem, we attempt to help the students work through the issue. If you are struggling in your relationship with your roommate, a house parent, the Head of House, or advisor can often provide insights that can be helpful in resolving your conflict. The Dean and Associate Dean of Students are also available to any student or parent to discuss roommates and other housing concerns.
    It is important to address concerns early, before a small problem becomes something bigger and begins to cause stress and other distractions. Typically, we do not make changes in rooming assignments. In the event that a change is made, the School Life Office will ensure appropriate communication with all parties affected by the move.
  • Can I get food delivered to my house?

    Several local restaurants offer delivery of pizza and other foods. Students may place orders in the evening, but delivery times are restricted during evening study time (8:00-10:00 p.m.) and after 10:30 p.m. For security reasons, delivery personnel are not welcome beyond the front entry to the house.
  • Can I have guests on campus or in my house?

    If you would like to have a non-NHS guest visit, you must obtain approval from the dean of students prior to the arrival of the guest. The guest's parent or guardian must call permission into the Student Life Office (603-677-3435). While on campus, the guest must check in with the Administrator on Duty or the Dean of Students and abide by NHS's standards of conduct. Student Life Office permission is required in order for a boarding student to host a gender appropriate guest in their room for an overnight stay.
    To read more about NHS's guest and visitation policies, refer to the Student Life Handbook.
  • Can I leave campus during the school week?

    Campus boundaries are defined as the area inside the following four roads: Main Street, Shingle Camp Hill Road, Dr. Childs Road, and NH Route 104. The woods behind the hockey rink and Kennedy Field are private property and considered off-campus.
    Students are expected to remain on campus during the school day. If you wish to travel off campus, you must obtain permission from a house parent, the administrator on duty, or the Student Life Office, and sign out in your house. The Student Life Office reserves the right to deny permission for reasons including inclement weather, transportation restrictions, or suspension of privileges.
  • What if I want to leave campus for the weekend?

    The following expectations must be met in order for weekend departure to be approved:
    • Your parent or guardian gives permission to the assistant to the Student Life Office at 603-677-3435 or by Friday at noon.
    • You submit a Weekend Request Form to the Student Life Office no later than Friday by nooon.
    • If you are being hosted by another family or adult over the age of 21, the Student Life Office must receive verbal or written confirmation from the hosting parent or guardian as well as permission from your parents.
    The Weekend Request form must be satisfactorily filled out, including your exact overnight destination, means of transportation, and time of return to campus. Boarding students must be back on campus no later than 7:30 p.m. on Sunday. The Dean or Associate Dean of Student Life reserve the right to deny a request for a weekend departure if they deem the weekend problematic in any way.
    For more a more detailed look at our weekend-sign out protocol, please refer to the Student Life Handbook.
  • What is NHS's attendance policy?

    If you miss more than ten percent of any academic course or other required activity, you risk not receiving credit for that program. Three times late to a class during one quarter of the year constitutes one unexcused absence. Unexcused absences of any kind from class have academic consequences that affect a student's grade point average. Excused absences for the purpose of participation in another approved NHS program do not count against your attendance record. In the event of illness or injury, you must be excused by the Health Center prior to missing a school obligation.
    You may submit a special absence request (for significant religious events, weddings, funerals, academic events, etc.) in advance using an "Orange Sheet" which can be picked up from th Student Life Office, the College Office, or the Athletic Office. The properly filled out and signed sheet must be returned to the Student Life Office no later than 48 hours preceding the requested absence. The School reserves the right to approve or deny any requests.
    Please keep in mind that excessive absences, whether excused or unexcused, will likely impact a student's overall academic performance and may impact their continued enrollment. More information regarding attendance policies and consequences can be found in the Student Life Handbook.
  • How do I send/receive mail?

    Students are assigned a personal mailbox. The Post Office is located in the Crum Student Center. Mail should be addressed to:
    [Your Name]
    New Hampton School
    70 Main Street
    New Hampton, NH 03256
    Mail boxes should be checked daily. Packages sent to students via UPS should be addressed to:
    [Your Name]
    New Hampton School
    34 Dr. Childs Road
    New Hampton, NH 03256

    If you wish to send packages via UPS may obtain packing instructions from the switchboard operator in the Crum Center Post Office. UPS charges must be prepaid. Please do not have any packages sent C.O.D.
  • How do I use the debit card system?

    You are required to have a New Hampton School debit card in order to make purchases on campus and withdraw from your allowance at the Campus Store. You are responsible for informing your parents when the balance is low. Funds may be added to debit accounts via an online portal accessible on myNHS.
    Please keep your debit card in good condition! Replacement debit cards cost $15 (subject to change). Forms for replacements are available in the post office.
  • What are the dining hall hours? Is there a menu?

    The Dining Hall is open through most of the day for students to grab a quick snack or drink. Although your actual lunch time will change depending on the day and your class schedule, the Dining Hall serves meals at the following times:

    Monday-Saturday  7:00 - 8:00 a.m.
    Sunday Brunch      10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

    Monday-Friday       11:40 a.m. - 12:50 p.m.
    Saturday               11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
    Sunday Brunch       10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

    Sunday-Saturday     5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
    We ask that food be eaten in the dining hall and that all utensils and glassware be taken to the dishroom when done. Utensils and glassware may not be taken from the dining hall. Students stopping by "on the go" should please bring their own containers, rather than leave with on eof the school's glasses or other dishware.

    The menu for the dining halls is updated daily and e-mailed out to the entire school body.
  • What if someone I know is engaging in inappropriate behavior?

    As always, we encourage students to communicate directly with faculty and administrators, but there can be circumstances when a student may not feel comfortable coming forward with a serious concern. Safe Schools Alert is a resource that allows for anonymous reporting of a serious incident or major concern, ensuring that concerning information is shared with the appropriate people who can address the issue. Safe Schools Alert is not for use in emergency situations. When urgent intervention is required, an adult should be informed or 911 called immediately.

    Submit your report here, Safe Schools Alert. Once submitted, the form is automatically sent to the Head of School, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Campus Safety, Director of Student Life and the School’s legal counsel. This process ensures proper follow up on any type of reported concern.
  • How do I access the internet on campus?

    New Hampton School (NHS) provides acces to the Internet, including the ability to access computers at other locations. When using the Internet through NHS's Internet connection, you are a representative of NHS.
    To access NHS's wireless network, click on your wi-fi icon. Connect to the HuskyNation network. Use your school-assigned e-mail address and password to log in.
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