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  • What should my boarding student bring to school?

    Read our Recommended Packing List PDF for a list of basic and suggested items to bring, as well as a list of prohibited items. This document also outlines the room contents every boarding student will have. As stated in the House Guidelines section of the Student Life Handbook, only school-provided furniture is permitted in student houses. No couches, chairs, or other large items should be brought to campus.
    Also remember that New England weather through the fall will require warm clothes, such as a sweater, fleece and waterproof jacket. Expect your student to need a winter coat, boots, hats, warm socks, and gloves during the winter season.
  • How do boarding students do laundry at school?

    In order to help students to maintain as clean and hygienic a living environment as possible, New Hampton School has partnered with E&R - The Campus Laundry, to provide laundry services at a discounted rate. You can sign up for this service during registration. There will be a weekly exchange of two sheets, one pillowcase, and three bath towels for each boarder. Blankets are not provided with the service. For more details or to sign up now, read through the Laundry Service Information available for download on this page.
    Card-operated washers and dryers, located in the basement of Berry Hall, are available for everyone's use. In addition, some residential houses also have laundry facilities. However, a bed and bath linen service, at minimum, is recommended for all boarding students.
  • What communication can I expect from my child's advisor?

    On registration day, parents schedule a meeting with their child's advisor. During that meeting, you and your child's advisor determine the best means of communication throughout the school year. You should hear from your child's advisor within the first two weeks of school. Although advisors facilitate a reasonable level of communication with you as determined in your initial meeting, we encourage you to contact and connect with your child's advisor to communicate concerns or ask questions about your child's progress, performance, and well-being. We intend to work closely with you in the guidance and growth of your child during his/her time here at New Hampton School.
  • How does my child receive permission to leave for the weekend?

    Students may submit weekend departure requests to The Student Life Office in person or via an online form on the NHS online portal. Parent/guardian confirmation of each request must be received by the Student Life Office in order for departure to be approved.
    For a more detailed look at our weekend sign-out protocol, please refer to the Student Life Handbook.
  • Where do I send mail for my student?

    Students are assigned a personal mailbox. The Post Office is located in the Crum Student Center. Mail should be addressed to:
    [Student's Name]
    New Hampton School
    70 Main Street
    New Hampton, NH 03256
    Packages sent to students via UPS should be addressed to:
    [Student's Name]
    New Hampton School
    34 Dr. Childs Road
    New Hampton, NH 03256

    If your child wishes to send packages via UPS he/she may obtain packing instructions from the switchboard operator in the Crum Center Post Office. UPS charges must be prepaid. Please do not have any packages sent C.O.D.
  • How does the debit card system work?

    A New Hampton School debit card system help student manage allowance money and a variety of other school expenses. New hampton School are required to have a New Hampton School debit card in order to make purchases on campus and withdraw from their allowance at the Campus Store. Your student is responsible for informing parents when the balance is low. Funds may be added to debit accounts via an online portal accessible on myNHS.
  • Can my boarding student have a car at school?

    Boarding students are not permitted to keep vehicles on campus or in th vicinity of campus for any reason without the express approval of the Associate Director of Student Life. A request in writing must be made in advance. Reasons for the request must be for special circumstances and not a matter of convenience.
    The school can arrange transportation for a student during the week for health and educational purposes. There is a fee associated with this service, to be billed through the Business Office.
    With prior permission from a parent/legal guardian, a boarding student may be permitted by the Student Life Office or an administrator on duty to ride in a vehicle operated by another student or another student's parent/legal guardian.
    For more on New Hampton School's Automobile Policies for boarding students, please refer to the Student Life Handbook.
  • What if my student needs transportation?

    Local Medical Transportation
    The school can arrange transportation for a student during the week for health services, such as dental visits and physical therapy. All health related transportation may be arranged through the Health Center.
    Vacation Transportation
    New Hampton School provides drop-off and pick-up service at a group rate to and from Manchester Airport, Boston Logan Airport, and Boston South Station for all school vacations and at the end of the year.
    Other Transportation
    Occasionally, students may find they have transportation needs which do not fit into the above categories. Given adequate advance notice, the school can arrange individualized transportation at an individual rate. Multiple students requesting the same transportation may split fees.
    All transportation fees are billed directly to the student's NHS debit account. For enrolled families, detailed information can be found on myNHS.

    Questions regarding all NHS transportation may be addressed to Krysta Bowen in the Student Life Office at or (603) 677-3435.
  • How does Dining Services handle food allergies?

    We compile a list of students with food allergies and other food-specific medical conditions. The head of dining services, dean of students, and a representative from the health center establishes a plan for students with food allergies.
    In the Dining Hall, all foods are clearly and amply labeled to convey possibly allergenic contents (e.g., gluten free, contains peanuts). The dining staff also takes necessary precautions in the preparation and serving of foods to limit the possibilities of cross contamination, including placing allergen-containing food separately from other choices.
    All faculty and staff who have regular interaction with your student are made aware of all allergies and precautions to be taken to avoid exposure to allergens.
  • How will my child receive health care?

    New Hampton School will provide your student with high quality school nursing services, day infirmary care, preventive and rehabilitative care for sports injuries, brief behavioral and emotional assessments, brief supportive counseling and treatment coordination, and on-site medical care for minor illnesses and injuries. There are no additional fees for these services.
    The Health Center is open during the school year Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. On Saturdays, hours are 7:30 a.m.-noon and on Sundays, 10 a.m.-noon. The daily clinic for acute illness and injuries is held from 10 a.m.-noon, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The nurse-practitioner is available by appointment. The Athletic Training staff is available at the athletic center and on the fields for quidance about prevention and the evaluation and treatment of athletic injuries. The School Counselor, Erika Lea, is available to discuss emotional or behavioral concerns, to provide students with support during difficult times, and to assess problems and recommend appropriate intereventions.
    Detailed information regarding our Health Services can be found in the Student Life Handbook.
  • Can I send medicine to school with my student?

    The Health Center needs to be informed of any medication that is in the possession of a student whether it is a prescription or over-the-counter medication. New Hampton School discourages having students bring over-the-counter medications to school. If a student has a cold or headache, he/she can come to th Health Center, be evaluated by a nurse and receive the appropriate medication. Students may not have any controlled drug (narcotics, ADHD medications, etc) in his/her possession except in special situations. Any controlled medication needs to be brought to the Health Center by a parnt, guardian, or authorized adult, or mailed directly to the Health Center. Students may not transport controlled drugs on or off campus. Any medications brought from home need to be clearly labeled in the original pharmacy containers. At the discretion of the School Nurse Manager, when a student demonstrates adequate responsibility, the student will be allowed to keep limited quantities of prescription medications for self-administration. Students are expected to be responsible for their own health. The nursing staff is not responsible for finding students or reminding them to take their medications.
  • What do I do in the event of an emergency?

    In the event that you have an urgent need to contact the school during office hours (8a.m.-4p.m. Monday-Friday and 8a.m.-noon on Saturday), contact the Student Life Office at 603-677-3435. After office hours, you sould call the Administrator on Duty (AOD) at 603-455-4900. The AOD is the person to contact regarding any problems, emergencies, or serious concerns that may be encountered when the Student Life Office is closed.
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