Student Life This Month

The Student Life Office serves the school community in all areas of life outside of the classroom and away from co-curricular activities. We work to set clear expectations of the community; we celebrate successes and develop plans to support students in areas of struggle. The Student Life Office creates programs that help students grow and thrive, and see ourselves as the guardians of student morale. Fun and meaningful experiences for all students is our focus.

Advisor Meetings

12/11 -  Guest Speaker, Katie Koesner - Consent Education
(Relationship Skills)

House Meetings

12/12 - Community Dinner and Music Show
(Celebrating Our Community Talents)

Special Events

12/1 - Voices of New Hampton

12/3 - NHS Student Music Recital

12/11 - Guest Peaker: Katie Koesner - Consent/Healthy Relationships
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