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NHS with a hard fought loss against St. Paul's School

Even though the Huskies came out with a loss, the team competed to the very end.
The Huskies prepared all week to play a tough St. Paul's hockey team. The team did a great job playing positional hockey. The first period ended with St. Paul's in the lead 3-0. The Huskies made a few mistakes that St. Paul's was able to capitalize on. The team re-grouped and re-focused, determined not to give up. The second period ended in a 1-1 tie, a huge improvement from the first period. St. Paul's was now in the lead 4-1. Colleen Harriman was able to throw the puck on net, and it was able to get by the goalie for our first goal. The start of the third period was a rough start, as St. Paul's was able to get a few quick ones. However, still not out of the game, Colleen again was able to take a long shot and score. Jacqui Galea was also able to pick up 2 goals for herself in the third period, getting a rebound, and taking a long shot. Unfortunately, the Huskies ended in a loss, but we couldn't have been happier with the way the team competed against St. Paul's. Averill McCorkle played in net, and came up huge making over 40 saves in net. The team captain, Meghan Evans, was recognized after the game for her never ending hustle and hard work. Weiwei Xiang was also recognized by the coaches for her grit and determination to work hard every shift.
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