Recognizing Accomplished Underclassmen

On Friday, May 19th, the community gathered to recognize underclass students who have made significant contributions to the School in academics, service, athletics, and arts. Following a thoughtful ceremony celebrating many accomplished students and a wonderful school year, Head of School Joe Williams closed with the following remarks.

"Tonight, we recognized individual achievement and the result of consistent hard work by the recipients. Yet we can’t overlook the other ingredients, the dedication of the faculty who push and cheer for their students and the support of classmates, family, and friends that make awards for these individuals possible.
Tonight is also a celebration of this vibrant educational community and the ideals that we strive to uphold; lifelong learning, active global citizenship, respect, and responsibility. It is a time to reflect on the growth experienced this year, whether you are beginning, honing, or completing your educational journey at New Hampton.
Seniors, this time next week you will be members of our alumni body. Having benefitted from your time here finding your academic footing, developing your voice, and pursuing your interests with poise and passion. We thank you for setting the bar high for the balance of the community to follow.
Juniors and sophomores, consider this evening the start of your formal stepping up process. Shortly you will assume leadership of this community, in and out of the classroom. Reflect on that responsibility and opportunity as you consider your goals for next year – for yourself and for the school. Think boldly about all you can accomplish, and we can achieve together, through dedication, collaboration, an open mind, and hard work.
Freshman, while your opportunities for formal leadership and recognition have been limited, take pride in the fact that you have successfully navigated your transition to high school. Know that your opportunity to lead this community will come in due time. For the present, be inspired by the recipients you have seen tonight and finish the exam period with positive energy and momentum.
Speaking of momentum, several years ago a colleague shared a quote with me that has stuck. It goes like this – “The momentum with which you finish this year is the momentum with which you will start next year”. I encourage you to reflect on that saying as you prepare for exams next week and for the coming academic year. Challenge yourself to grow, to fully experience our global community, to become a self-advocate, and self-starter.

Be Better Together – Be Better Tomorrow.
2017 Award Recipients
Charles W. “Skip” Howard II Female Scholar Athlete Award
Evangeline Hodgson '18
Charles W. “Skip” Howard II Male Scholar Athlete Award
Matthew Narewski '18
Barbara Guardenier Master Teaching Chair
Maura Veilleux
Visual Arts Award
Christopher Fridlington '19
Music Award
Mikayla Williams '18
Theatre Award
Guoshunran (Gwendolyn) Liu '20
Writing Prize
Cornelia (Ella) Truesdale '18
Literature Prize
Sophia Tsekov '20
Emerging Writer in History
Evangeline Hodgson '18
Emerging Contributor in History
Lili Xu '18
Scientific Inquiry Award
Gregory (Seth) Wilkinson '19
Scientific Achievement Award
Isabella Bacon '19
Mathematical Communication Award
ZeRui Huo '18
Mu Alpha Theta Underclass Mathlete of the Year
Runshi Zhou '18
Young Language Award in Spanish
Kyra Leland '18
Young Language Award in French
Sophia Tsekov '20
Young Language Award in Mandarin
Zola Braswell '20
Presidential Service Award
Ji Han Kim '19
Hong Joon Lee '18
Ruixi Li '18
Zhiqi Liu '18
Mairead Ryan '18
Ruby Schechter '19
Michael Thorpe '18
Weiwei Xiang '18
Shaojie Yang '18

View photos from the ceremony on Flickr.
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