Spring Traditions to Enrich and Celebrate

The two weeks our community takes in March to relax and rejuvenate are so important both to reflect on the months that have passed and to prepare for the busy days of spring ahead. Students return from break full of anticipation for the home stretch ahead. Not only are we anxiously awaiting our green and flowered campus, idyllic classes on the lawn, and warmer days, but each spring in Husky Nation is marked by traditions that celebrate the diversity of our community, our graduating seniors, and the relationships we've built over the year.

These are a few of the special events we await:
International Night celebrates the diverse nationalities present in Husky Nation. It is an opportunity for our international students to share their background, traditions, and favorite foods! In addition to a full spread of foods made by members of the community, our students put on a performance sharing music and dance from their home countries that is an annual favorite.
The Spring Musical showcases performing arts at New Hampton. Students sing, act, and perform music, bringing together a range of talents in the arts in a stunning performance to close out the school year.
Arts Day exposes the whole community to the arts by encouraging creativity, curiosity and experiential learning. A dedicated art department plans a series of activities including dance, tie-dye, gardening, poetry, digital design, photography, and more. Activities throughout the day foster a better understanding of the arts and highlight the artistic talents of our students.
Springfest is a weekend to let loose and relax before the final push. On one of our final weekends, we take time to embrace the good weather, the outdoors, and our community during two days of fun activities and competitions.
As graduation nears, we honor the 4-year students with a special luncheon and opportunity for gratitude, memories, and reflection. Seniors, faculty and advisors gather in Alumni Hall again during the senior breakfast, which is highlighted by the hanging of the class picture by the Class President.
Last spring, Husky Nation came together for Super Saturday, when four spring teams played on the same day in their respective Lakes Region Championship games. Which Husky teams will compete in the championship games this year? Whether or not we cheer our teams to a Lakes Region title, watching spring games on the turf or the baseball diamond is always a treat. Long days allow for late games, and soaking up some sunshine while cheering on your peers is a great way to relax after a full day of classes.
We look forward to welcoming our students back for spring in Husky Nation. The days are sure to be filled with celebrations of learning, IB examinations, college commitments, and New Hampton School traditions, that will leave us all filled with passion and pride when we reach Commencement at the end of May.
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