Project Week is Finally Here!

On Monday, March 3, all students and faculty will begin 1 of 28 different projects. While some projects take place across the Atlantic and in faraway states, others are right here on campus. Each group is exploring an essential question that they came up with, and which was approved by the project week committee. Trip leaders and students worked together to design their projects around the exploration of their essential question. A series of activities, trips, meetings, and reflections throughout the week will hopefully lead each group to a better understanding of the question they've asked.
Students traveling to Scotland as part of Model UN are asking: To what extent does culture effect perspective on global issues?
Modern Mindfulness is asking: How can mindfulness impact our lives and the lives of others in our modern world?
Project Flight will spend the week understanding: How do aircraft fly?
Students in Ultimate Cooking will explore: What simple tools and techniques can give people the skills to make delicious gourmet food that will help them eat like royalty and be popular in college while also giving them cooking skills to use for the rest of their lives?
Project Week has a long history at New Hampton School and our academic program understands the value of experiential learning outside the classroom. Following Project Week, students depart for two weeks on Spring Break. After the powerful learning experiences during project week, as well as the side by side experience of discovery with both peers and faculty, and some time away to reflect, students return to campus following spring break refreshed and ready to make the most of their spring in Husky Nation.
There are a few ways you can keep up with student adventures throughout the week and learn about your son's or daughter's experience as well as those of their peers and classmates. Groups will share daily entries on the Project Week Blog. In addition, they will post photos to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using the hashtag #nhsprojectweek. While we can't guarantee that there will be photos available right away from our overseas trips, we will do our best to keep Flickr full of photos from nearby projects.
We invite parents to join us for coffee and breakfast at the Project Week Symposium on Saturday, March 11. During the Symposium, each group puts together a lesson that they learned on their trip, which they can share with their classmates. Students and faculty take turns visiting other groups during the Symposium and teaching what they learned during their projects.
Should you have any questions about Project Week travel and logistics, please contact Director of Experiential Learning Jonathan Schwab by email or at 603-677-3508.
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