Celebrating National Girls & Women in Sports Day with our own Female Leaders

New Hampton School Lady Huskies young and old came together to celebrate National Girls & Women in Sports Day, in Husky Nation and with our neighboring communities.
The celebration was introduced to the whole community at Monday's school meeting by three of the Varsity Women's Basketball players. Lala, Becca, and Kaitlyn shared some data points about the history of women in sports over time, using the story of Kathy Switzer, the first women to run the Boston Marathon, as an example of women breaking barriers to find equal access in athletics over the past century. They also shared the impact of Title 9 provisions and the positive shift in female participation numbers since the policy was established.
Guided by Mrs. Williams, the group then engaged the whole community in a Kahoot game, in which students and faculty had to guess which of their own female faculty, mentors and role-models, had completed a variety of impressive and ambitious athletic accomplishments. The hope was to demonstrate to the community the strong and talented female mentors right in our community every day, and the range of accomplishments was inspiring!
It was exciting to learn that within our own community, we have female athletes and role-models that have won collegiate championships, competed nationally, captained and coached stand-out teams, sailed tall ships, played sports overseas, run marathons, biked through the Rocky Mountains, hiked the Appalachian trail, completed triathlons, been inducted into Halls of Fame, received prestigious awards, and paved the way for future women in sports.
On Wednesday, National Girls and Women in Sports Day, the Varsity Women's Hockey Team invited girls throughout the surrounding community to join them for a game, followed by a reception, photos and autographs. There was a constant stream of students, faculty, staff, along with their children, and some townsfolk in the lobby throughout the game. In between periods, guests could enjoy hot chocolate, cookies, lollipops, tattoos, and make a poster or two if they wished.  The highlight of the event was definitely when the players came into the reception to meet their fans after the game. Autographs and photo ops abounded. As you will see from the photos, the players seem to have just as much fun as the adoring fans!
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