Gateway to Africa

Essential Question

What is the danger of the "single story” and how does this apply to our understanding of Moroccan people and their culture?

Project Description

Morocco is a majority Muslim nation in North Africa, whose northern most point is just 10 miles south of Spain. Its culture has been heavily impacted by the mixing of many different groups, predominantly by Amazigh and Arab peoples, and also those coming from other parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Today, Morocco is a majority Muslim country, but was previously home to a thriving Jewish population.

This program serves as an opportunity to explore a rich and fascinating culture, through homestays, city visits, and activities with locals. Students have the opportunity to challenge stereotypes about Muslims, Africa, Moroccans, and their culture, as they hear the stories shared by Moroccans in their own homes. Discussions with locals will bring out topics such as religion, government, the education system, Moroccan diversity, and gender norms. ImprintEd Abroad will be our partner and encourages using dialogue to build bridges across cultures, and to create understanding between Americans and Moroccans.
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