Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members,

This page has been created to provide a resource for our community members about the novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and how New Hampton School is responding to the rapidly evolving information. Please check back as we will update our school communications and other applicable information.

As we prepare for the new academic year, we will be sharing news of our plans and preparations. We appreciate your continued support, understanding, and flexibility. Our Reopening Plan 2020 is available to view online.

Updated: September 1, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Returning to Campus

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  • While campus is closed, may students come to campus?

    Students are not be permitted to come to campus. This includes the use of outdoor spaces, the fitness center, the student centerand beyond. Communication is being sent to our alumni and neighboring community regarding the status of our operations and that visitation is currently suspended. If students are looking to return to campus to retrieve something from their room, they should contact the Student Life Office.  
  • When will students return to campus?

    Students will return to campus following the schedule below. Registration day procedures for students will be shared in the coming weeks.
    • August 16 – Residence halls open for optional international student arrival for those wishing to quarantine on-campus
    • August 23 – Student Leaders arrive for training and orientation planning
    • August 25 – Senior and Postgraduate arrival and registration 
    • August 26 – Junior class arrival and registration
    • August 27 – Sophomore class arrival and registration
    • August 28 – Freshmen class arrival and registration
    • August 29-30 – Orientation
    • August 31 – First day of classes
    *Should any student be unable to join us on the date designated for his/her arrival, we will, of course, be flexible in working with him/her to schedule an alternate arrival plan. We understand that some international students may be delayed in arriving this fall and are prepared to offer robust remote instruction for them until they are able to join us on-campus.
  • What safety precautions will be required of students prior to arrival this fall?

    In the 14 days prior to arrival, students must be extra vigilant about personal safety. Whenever possible, students should remain isolated from the public. When in public, a face mask is strongly recommended at all times, and frequent handwashing should be practiced. No student should be in contact with anyone known to be acutely infected with COVID-19 or travel to an area with a high number of infection cases.  
    Within 7 days of arrival, each student must have a test for COVID-19. Written documentation of a negative test will be the first requirement before registration can begin. If you have questions about how to obtain a test, please reach out to your child’s primary care physician or our Director of Health Services, Cindy Glidden, at 603-677-3457. 
    Also, within 7 days of arrival, anyone coming to registration will be asked to fill out a short survey regarding your current state of health. 
    When possible, public transportation should be avoided while traveling to New Hampton. If airline travel is essential, facemasks should be worn at all times while in the airport and on the aircraft. 
    Anyone exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19 listed below should contact New Hampton’s Health Center at 603-677-3457 before coming to campus. 
    Upon arrival to campus for registration, your family will meet with one of our nurses at which time temperatures will be taken, wellness questions asked, and a COVID-19 test will be administered to the student.
  • Will parents transporting their student(s) to campus need to have a COVID-19 test done prior to arrival?

    Parents do not need to be tested for COVID-19 prior to arrival on campus. COVID-19 testing applies only to students.
  • How will student belongings that were stored with OnDemand be retrieved?

    Student belongings that were stored with OnDemand will be moved to the students' room upon arrival.

On-Campus Safety

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  • How can we keep ourselves safe?

    With both influenza and coronavirus causing concern, we encourage continued focus on prevention.  
    Steps you can take to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases (from the CDC):  
    • Avoid close contact with people who are sick. 
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. 
    • Stay home when you are sick, or a member of your family is ill. 
    • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. 
    • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe. 
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. 
  • What if a student or staff person falls ill with COVID-19?

    The availability of regular testing for acute COVID-19 infection will allow us to identify persons in our community who fall ill quickly. Should a student test positive for COVID-19, or exhibit symptoms of the virus, they will leave campus promptly (in the case of students living within driving distance from campus) or be isolated in the Health Center, where 24-hour care will be provided on an as-needed basis.

    Contact tracing will be used to determine what other community members should isolate temporarily to prevent the spread of the illness. Detailed plans for testing, quarantining, tracing, and notification of confirmed sickness will be shared in the coming weeks.
  • What safety measures are being put in place to keep the NHS community healthy?

    Over the past several months, New Hampton administrators have worked closely with colleagues from local schools, the New Hampshire Department of Public Health, our Medical Director, and our accrediting organizations to devise a comprehensive review of campus spaces and programs to provide for optimal conditions for a safe return of students this fall. Below are just a handful of the many safety measures have been implemented: 
    • The remodeling of the Health Center to provide safe administration of daily medication and everyday care, while allowing overnight accommodations for sick students or those requiring isolation. 
    • The reconfiguration of classroom spaces to allow a greater distance between students. 
    • The installation of dividers separating spaces that do not allow for recommended social distancing (such as between sinks in house bathrooms). 
    • The purchase of state-of-art cleaning tools and disinfectants for regular, thorough use across campus. 
    • The installation of handwashing and sanitizing stations across campus. 
    • The purchase of new software that will allow students to order online, to limit time waiting in lines at the Country Store. 
    • The creation of new protocols for the dissemination of food and dining in the Dining Hall. 
    • The school calendar has been amended to allow for the maximum number of class days in the fall semester. Also, traditional breaks, including Fall Long Weekend and Thanksgiving Break, have been temporarily eliminated to limit the frequency of students coming and going from campus. 
    • Collaboration with local medical practices to devise a plan for regular COVID-19 testing of all NHS community members.
  • How will student life be impacted by COVID-19 this year?

    Decisions regarding student life at New Hampton are being made with the careful balance between safety and student experience in mind. We recognize that every family has their own barometer for how protective they need to be in this time, and we are working closely with our medical staff to determine what activities and school traditions we will be able to safely carry-on this year. Families should expect the beginning of the year to look and feel different, beginning with a completely revised registration process.
    We will start the year with a philosophy of heightened caution regarding student safety and will hopefully ease restrictions as we are able. Changes are being made to dining hall procedures, student orientation, the operation of the Health Center, community gatherings, etc. Also, new programs such as a robust intramural sports program (separate from our athletics program) and a new student mentor program are being added to enhance the student experience on campus. Details on these changes will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.
  • Will my student be required to wear a mask on campus?

    Everyone on New Hampton’s campus should be prepared to wear a mask any time a 6-foot social distancing radius cannot be ensured. Students will be required to wear masks when walking to and from class, in classrooms, in the common spaces of the houses, while waiting in lines in the Dining Hall and Country store, etc. They will not be required to be masked while seated at meals or in their own bedrooms.
  • What about day students and off-campus faculty, staff, and guests?

    We will ask all persons not-residing off-campus to abide by guidelines that reflect the need for caution when in public spaces. The use of masks and heightened sanitation practices will help prevent the spread of the virus. It will also be important that we are monitoring the health and safety status of those coming and going from campus. Visitors may be asked to provide proof of a recent negative test, have their temperatures taken, answer personal wellness questions, etc.

Fall Semester Plans

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  • How will the academic program be altered this year?

    Recognizing that in-person instruction is optimal, it is our hope that the academic program will function in a way that is consistent with previous years at New Hampton. That said, we recognize that some students may not be able to return to campus at the beginning of the year. These students will be able to access their classrooms via a live feed to keep-up in real-time with the instruction happening on campus.

    Also, faculty are participating in professional development this summer focused on remote instruction, so that they will be ready and equipped to pivot to remote instruction should the status of the COVID-19 virus dictate the need to do so. Should we have to shift to remote instruction, students and parents can expect that it will look different from what we offered this spring, with more synchronous learning in place.
  • What will the fall calendar look like?

    In an effort to maximize on-campus class days, and to limit the number of extended off-campus trips, New Hampton School will remain in-session until December 11. Plans are being made for an on-campus Thanksgiving celebration for students and faculty, with the acknowledgment that students will have an extended Winter Break (from December 11 to January 11).
  • Will boarding students be able to travel off-campus?

    For everyone’s safety, it is prudent for boarding students to remain on-campus as often as possible, especially at the beginning of the year. A wide array of on-campus weekend activities will be offered, along with some outdoor off-campus recreation opportunities, such as hikes and rock climbing. We realize that some students will need to leave campus on occasion for a family event, college visit, off-campus appointment, or other necessary commitment. Approvals for such requests will be made through the Student Life Office.
    Universal guidelines for return to campus are being developed, so families and students will know what is expected if a campus departure is approved.
  • Will there be breaks during the fall?

    We recognize that students and faculty will need periodic breaks from classes and programming to be able to maintain focus and engagement for the semester. We are designing a calendar that would allow for regular and predictable “rest days”.
  • Will there be fall interscholastic athletics?

    Athletics plays an integral role in the daily life and spirit of our student body. Director of Athletics and Co-Curriculars Jamie Arsenault has met regularly with colleagues at local schools, and with New Hampton School varsity coaches, to explore several options for fall competitions. As guidelines for interscholastic competition continue to change by the week, we do not know yet what the fall season will look like exactly. If schools in our local Lakes Region Association are permitted and ready to compete, we will excitedly devise a safe program that offers the highest level of high school competition.
    Should interscholastic sports be interrupted at any time, our coaches are prepared to conduct sport-specific training clinics, work closely with Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Tony Mure to create individualized fitness workouts, and find opportunities to share our athletes’ growth with outside constituencies through live streaming, Hudl, and other athletic recruiting software platforms. 

International Student Guidance

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College Process

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  • What happens to the college process?

    The College Counseling Office will continue to support each students college process. Through individual and group correspondence with College Counseling staff, virtual visits with colleges and universities, the college process will not be interrupted. 
  • Will New Hampton allow off-campus college visits?

    At the moment, we do not expect any college visits to take place on or off-campus. Colleges and universities are actively using virtual visit platforms which the College Counseling Office will guide students through.  
  • Will there be on-campus college visits?

    Since colleges and universities have transitioned to virtual visit programming, the College Counseling Office will be assisting students in participating in virtual visits.
  • Will New Hampton host the August SAT?

    Unfortunately, New Hampton School will not host the August SAT (if you were registered for this, you will receive an email with other options). The school will offer the September, October, November, and December SAT as well as the October ACT.

    If you have further questions, please contact the College Counseling Office.

General Questions

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