These portfolios illustrate the variety of media, style, and form of our students' finished art work. The portfolios are listed here with the colleges where the artists matriculated, as well as the major for which they were accepted.

David Fu - Film

David Fu-Statement

     For me, the best characteristic of art is the diversity of subjects that can be expressed through different media. Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino influenced me a lot, I learned so much from their storytelling and lighting skills. For example, I learned from Nolan how to use lighting to express characters’ expressions. For instance, in my short film “The Heart”, I used lighting to express the sadness of the story. I was also deeply attracted by the imagination shown in their films such as Pulp Fiction and Interstellar.

     When I became older, I was determined to become a storyteller. Accidentally one day I saw an awarded short film “Selfie” filmed by a young director named Ramchandra. The director used very basic film skills and resources to tell the story, it encouraged me to film my own movie. Consequently, I filmed my short film “The Heart ” in 2014, I wrote the script, created storyboards, scouted locations, cast actors, rented props and locations, directed, filmed, and edited both visual and audio track. With no formal background film, I wanted to express my real emotions by naïve film languages. I was born a person with interests for observing people and things.

     When I was little, every time I waited for mom to go shopping at the store, I would seriously observe every stranger who passed by. Every particular gesture and behavior of people seems to tell us people’s stories. For instance, in my two short films “The Heart” and “Short hair, long love” I directed my actors to use small expressions to emphasize the characteristic of each character. Making this two films has opened a door to the film world and confirmed that I will be closely connected to film my entire life.

Gabriel Schmidt - Architecture

Grace Schmidt-Statement     

     Overcoming selfishness and making decisions based on righteousness is what leads to self-evaluation success. Sadly humans are not able to control the soul and because of this decisions are not always the right ones. This concept is what leads to my final theme: “The soul paints the path for each individual.”

     I have found a lot of inspiration in the street art of Banksy and sculptures of Alexander Calder. Drawing inspiration from Banksy was fairly easy due to the fact that my theme is closely related to his art. As an artist he analyzes the problems of the world, focusing on flaws in large corporations, and human selfishness where as I focus on human’s battle with their self-destructive desires. An example of this is my progression piece, “Addiction”, that highlights the flaw of human’s self-destruction through love. Alexander Calder inspired me in the technique used in sculpting. I used wire and simple objects to create intelligent and original ideas.  “The Light Within” is a sculptural piece that casts a shadow on surrounding walls using a miniature light bulb placed in the center of a wire man. This piece explores the concept of revealing the hidden truth about a person and their true desires.

     The technical elements that are commonly used in my pieces are contrast, form, and balance. With a combination of these three features I am able to create aesthetically pleasing and visually impacting work. Dark lines are a common feature in my art, helping support my theme of defining internal conflicts. An example of this is “Tribal Man”, where I use a black ink pen to accentuate the expression on his face. The piece also relates to my theme because through greed the tribal people in the Philippines give up their former beliefs and way of living.

Hale Irwin - Photography

Rikako Itakura - Design

Rikako Itakura Statement

     The main purpose of my art is to express joy in the midst of our chaotic world. “I” was my first project of this course. This assignment was my first self-portrait. “I” is drawn by oil crayon, color pencil, and color marker, the only materials I knew how to use at that time. This shortness in experience made me work hard to be expressive. Sometimes I had the vision in my head but not the technique to make it a reality. 
      I tried cyanotype, acrylic painting, oil painting, digital drawing, printing, and so on. During the first year, I painted “What Do You Want?” “I am Smiling” and “Egypt” in acrylic paint, inspired by the style of Roy Lichtenstein. He uses mostly primary colors with tints and shades for most of his painting. His style is very different from Japanese pop art, which I was most influenced by previously.  I combined this American pop art with other cultures such as European and Egyptian culture. It was interesting to think about how to illustrate the Mona Lisa in “I am Smiling” and Nefertiti in “Egypt”” with American pop style.
      After these three pieces I found that I tend to use primary, saturated colors. My color choice was influenced by Miyazaki Hayao, a Japanese animation film director. His movies have brightly saturated colors. I grew up with his movies. In my graphic novel “Alchemist”  and “Who Are You”  I continued to use brightly saturated colors. With “Who are you?” I expressed the chaos of the world through the power of colors.  It is a colorful, bright spiral surrounding an image of my face.  
      My use of color and my personal style have become two of my strongest characteristics.

Sally Wang - Fashion

Sally Wang- Statement     

     My artworks works are mostly three-dimensional works with mixed media. I like to
create things with my hands. I am specifically interested in fashion because it is a form of art that is practical yet expressive. I try to incorporate my ideas into fashion, expressing my ideas. In my piece “Qingdao”, inspired by the “Barbie Landmark Collection”, I incorporated the most symbolic sculpture in my hometown, Qingdao, into a dress, celebrating the city’s culture. Though I am interested in fashion, my works are not limited to fashion only. I also like to use paper with expressive colors, shown with the pieces “Infinity” and “Isolation.” Most of my artworks contains layers. The cyanotype “Self- Portrait” is one piece using layers. I believe layers help create a complexity both in terms of visual interest and the depth of ideas.

      During the past years of studying IB Art, my skill in doing research and the skill of creative process have developed significantly, which then has allowed me to express my ideas in my artwork more precisely. By researching artists and artworks, I get great inspiration. For example, this idea for “Infinity” came up by researching the artist Isa Gengken. The techniques, the concept, or the idea of the artist or the artwork can always be used in my art works. The technique of interfacing learned from researching Maison Martin Margiela is used in my piece “Qingdao.” During the past two years of IB Art, I learned how an idea could be developed into an actual piece by following the steps of brainstorming, media studies, etc. The self-evaluation after doing each piece of artwork allows me to make improvements, both in terms of idea and technique, making each piece stronger than the previous ones. 
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