What is Boarding School?

We Understand You Have A Lot of Questions

Making the decision to attend boarding school can be scary. There are many unknowns, yet it is often difficult to know what questions you should be asking. Browse through these frequently asked questions to discover more about life at boarding school.

What is there to do at boarding school outside of the academic day?

Whether it’s the arts, athletics or another activity, boarding school students are often at their busiest after class. Each day, once classes conclude, students participate in a full schedule of athletics, arts or academic offerings that allow them to learn new skills or further explore existing interests. 

The students and faculty at New Hampton also work hard to create great options for students each weekend. From dances, games and movies to day trips to local attractions, the school makes sure that weekends are action-packed on and off campus.

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Do boarding schools have a large international population?

Boarding school is unique in that kids from many different states and countries can choose a school that is right for them regardless of location. You’ll make lifelong friendships in boarding school because you share so much – classes, sports, a dormitory and meals. The New Hampton community has representation from over 30 countries, so, if you’re looking for a place to make friends from all corners of the globe, boarding school could be for you.

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Will teachers at boarding school have time to offer extra help?

At boarding school, many teachers live in the community. In fact, 90% of New Hampton's faculty live on campus so you will eat meals alongside them, they will come cheer you on at athletic games and play performances and they are around to offer extra help during evening study hall.

What does a typical daily schedule look like?

Boarding school programs are designed in a way that allow students to take full advantage of everything the school has to offer. This means that you don’t have to choose between being an actor or an athlete, a musician or a scientist! A typical day might look like this:

What are Saturday classes?

Most boarding schools offer an abbreviated class schedule each Saturday. At New Hampton, we limit Saturday classes to one extended class block that allows students to delve deeper into a particular area of study and also provides ample time for a class to venture off campus for some experiential learning

What is the admission process at boarding school like?

During the journey, you will learn a lot about yourself and about the schools to which you apply. You will meet students, admission officers and parents who want to share their love for the school. Our admissions team is focused not just on what you’ve accomplished so far, but finding the right fit that will help you succeed once you get here!

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Eva '18

I've come to realize that every fear has something unexpected that could change or grow who you are. Attending boarding school has been one of my life's greatest adventures.

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