Financial Aid

Financial Aid

New Hampton School believes that the cost of tuition should not deter qualified students from attending our school. Our financial aid budget makes the cost of an independent school education accessible to a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Apply for Aid

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  • STEP 1: Create Username and Password

    Families may begin their finanical aid application on November 1st the fall before submitting their admissions application. The financial aid application will include a Parents Financial Statement (PFS) as well as other supporting documentation required by New Hampton School.

    Visit School & Student Services (SSS) to create a username and password and begin your application. You may log in to your account at any time to make changes to your application. NOTE: Returning families can log into their prior year account.

  • STEP 2: Upload Documents and Complete Online Forms

    The Committee will only consider electronic documents provided exclusively through the SSS application. Please do not mail or email any materials directly to New Hampton School as part of the initial application.

    Supporting Documentation required by New Hampton School includes:
    • Complete copy of the current year Federal Income Tax Return once it becomes available*
    • Copies of all current year W2’s
    • Business/Farm Statement (if applicable)
    • International Student Supplement (if applicable)
    • Any payment agreements and/or aid and scholarship information if families have other children in tuition-paying schools
    • Use the New Hampton School code of 5308 to ensure the proper school receives your documentation.
    *The Financial Aid Committee will review applications with the prior fiscal year tax information and make conditional awards. Once current fiscal year tax data is available, families must upload it to their SSS account for to review.
  • STEP 3: Decisions

    New Application Decisions
    March 10th (in conjunction with admission decisions)

    Returning Student Decisions
    Families will receive financial aid decisions mid-February

Application Deadlines

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  • New Students

    February 1st (in conjunction with the due date for new student applications)
  • Returning Students

    Families will receive communication from the Admission office but should plan to complete their form by January 15th.

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  • $4 Million

    The amount of financial aid New Hampton School awards to new and returning students each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are financial aid applications confidential?

    Yes. New Hampton believes aid applications and awards are confidential. We expect families to support this confidentiality by not discussing aid applications or awards with anyone who is not on the Financial Aid Committee. Parents should also explain the importance of maintaining this confidentiality to their children.
  • What if my tax return for last year is not available by the deadline?

    In this case, please be sure to submit your family’s most recent W-2 forms and a signed copy of your most recently filed federal income tax and corresponding schedules. Submit your return for last year as soon as it is available. Please note that all awards are based on last year’s return and are required submissions to complete the financial aid process. If you are able to estimate your filing for last year’s taxes, be sure to check (√) the “estimated tax” box on your PFS. Keep in mind that if you use estimated return information, New Hampton School still requires the actual prior year returns when available.
  • Do I need to fill out one PFS for each student I am applying for?

    No, only one Parent Financial Statement (PFS) is needed per family, even if you have more than one child applying.
  • How do families with divorced or separated parents apply for financial aid?

    Both biological parents must complete financial statements and submit them to SSS. In the case of remarried parents, step-parents must be included in the financial aid assessment as well.
  • How is financial aid determined?

    New Hampton School partners with School and Student Services (SSS) to help us make fair and objective financial decisions. This third-party assessment uses a family’s financial information to provide an estimate of the dollar amount that each family can contribute towards a New Hampton School education. The SSS methodology is clearly stated on their website and is readily available for review. After reviewing financial aid applications and tax documentation, the Financial Aid Committee convenes to assess family need in conjunction with available institutional resources.
  • Where does financial aid funding come from?

    All financial aid awards are made solely by New Hampton School. The funds are generated through the school’s operating budget as well as from scholarships funded by the generous gifts of New Hampton alumni, parents, and friends.
  • Does applying for financial aid hurt my child's chances of being accepted?

    Due to our institutional resources, we are unable to meet every families’ stated need. While an application will not hurt your child’s chances of being accepted, we will communicate to families who apply when we are not able to provide the funds they demonstrate the need for. These families are placed in a Financial Aid Wait Pool on March 10th and can remain there in case additional aid becomes available. 
  • Do all accepted applicants receive financial aid?

    No. Only families who apply for aid with their application to New Hampton School are reviewed for aid. Additionally, some families who apply do not qualify under our need-based aid system.
  • Does New Hampton School offer payment plans?

    Yes, there are three payment plans outlined in the “Payment Options” tab of the Tuition menu.
  • Are financial aid awards for future years guaranteed?

    No. Families must re-apply for financial aid each year and awards are subject to change in response to family finances. A continuous level of family qualification is necessary to retain financial aid awards.
  • I live outside the United States and Canada. Can I apply for financial aid?

    Yes, along with the students application, all families must fill out the PFS form to the best of their ability as well as the International Student Aid Form which should be submitted to for review.

Questions about financial aid?

Contact the Admission Office at 603-677-3401 or
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