Senior Husky Ambassadors


A Slice of Our Student Body

New Hampton School Senior Husky Ambassadors are leaders within our student body. They are seasoned members of Husky Nation who mentor our tour guides in sharing their unique stories with prospective families.

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    • Atlanta, GA


      Atlanta, GA

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  • Meet Jun

    Leadership Roles: Proctor, Honor Board Member, International Ambassador, President of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    Academics: International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate

    Co-Curricular: Ice Hockey

    What I really appreciate about New Hampton is its emphasis on both unity and individuality. Husky Nation encourages members to unite through events and causes, but the community also helps students understand their individual strengths and weaknesses, express themselves, and identify their future path.

    One of my proudest moments was when I went to the FBLA State Leadership Conference and I received 3 awards. I was delighted for the recognition, but I was pleased to know that other students also saw success.

    New Hampton’s tight-knit community is truly special. I can say confidently that I will cherish the opportunities this community provided and the memories that have been made here.

    • Sugar Land, TX


      Sugar Land, TX

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  • Meet Carter

    Leadership Roles: Proctor

    Academics: International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate, ASP

    Co-Curricular: Cross-Country

    I am most proud of the changes and growth I have gone through during my four years at New Hampton School. Without the support of New Hampton, I would not have achieved the academic confidence in the classroom. As an underclassman, I honed my study habits and practiced the skills learned in ASP to pursue and IB diploma.

    With friends from all over the world, some have come home with me during breaks, or I’ve visited with their families, experiencing other cultures.

    New Hampton School allowed me to express my creativity and join in a set of traditions which will forever be a part of the adult I will become after graduation and beyond.

    • Tokyo, Japan


      Tokyo, Japan

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  • Meet Chumi

    Leadership Roles: Proctor

    Academics: IB English, IB History, IB Biology, IB Math

    Co-Curricular: Husky TV, Yoga

    I enrolled at New Hampton School as a ninth grader. I was seeking a small school with a community that cared about one another. Back home where there were 200 students in my grade, I got lost in the mix. At New Hampton I have the ability to get to know everyone.

    My favorite experience at New Hampton was last year’s Project Week trip to the Dominican Republic, where we volunteered for The Mariposa DR Foundation. One of the projects we worked on with the girls was upcycling sails into backpacks and purses. The program was about empowering girls to make change in their community and I wish I had more time to spend with the young girls we mentored.

    Every year I learn more about myself and the world through my Project Week experiences.

    • Shanghai, China


      Shanghai, China

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  • Meet Harry

    Leadership Roles: Proctor

    Academics: International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate

    Co-Curricular: Soccer, Art in the Afternoon, Lacrosse

    The best thing about New Hampton School is the community. I enjoy being a part of a multi-cultural soccer team in the Fall.

    Although there are demands to being an IB Diploma candidate, my advisor and college counselor provide advice on how to keep a heathy balance between work and fun. My time at New Hampton prepares me

    I am most proud of becoming a student leader as I had great role models I constantly looked up to during my freshman years. Being able to follow their lead and turn help new students really meant something for me.

    • Glen, NH


      Glen, NH

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  • Meet Jameson

    Leadership Roles: Proctor

    Academics: IB English, IB History, AP Calculus

    Co-Curricular: Football, Baseball

    I love the outdoors and spend most of my free time hiking and swimming in the beautiful rivers of the White Mountains. I joined New Hampton School as an new eleventh grader because I was looking for more from my public school and found a comfortable, welcoming feeling when I toured campus for the first time.

    The strong sense of community that is ubiquitous at New Hampton made it an easy transition from life at home to boarding school. By being a part of this community I have become actively engaged and happy to learn. I encourage anybody interested to come visit!
    • West Dover, VT


      West Dover, VT

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  • Meet Emma

    Leadership Roles: Proctor

    Academics: IB English, IB History, IB Biology

    Co-Curricular: Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse

    When I was deciding on attending boarding school, I wanted a place that felt like home and had an amazing community. The faculty always want to know how I’m doing and catch up. When I first visited New Hampton for the first time in eighth grade everyone was so warm and welcoming.

    My transformation from freshman year to now as a student and life-long learner is a testament to the community. My teachers and coaches have always pushed me to do better because they know I have the potential. They make you feel like I am capable of anything is it’s academically, athletically, or just in life. I will remember the connections and relationships I made while in Husky Nation with people from different states and countries.

    You not only form relationships with them but also their families, their kids are always so excited to see you and always want to play. Being away from home is not easy on my friends and family but for me the New Hampton community has always made me feel so welcome and I consider it my home away from home and I am always excited to come back.

    • Elizabeth, NJ


      Elizabeth, NJ

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  • Meet Yanabi

    Leadership Roles: Proctor, International Ambassador, Honor Board Member

    Academics: International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate

    Co-Curricular: HuskyTV, Yearbook, Theatre

    I joined New Hampton School as a ninth grader and from the minute I stepped foot on campus, I could feel a warm and welcoming vibe. Everywhere you go around campus students and faculty are smiling at you, saying hello or celebrating a fellow Husky at a game, concert, or performance. I appreciate this community because every single person on campus gets excited and to support one another and their talents even if they don’t possess the same talent. 

    As a proctor, it is rewarding to feel like I have made a difference in a house mate’s day and their experience at New Hampton. After graduation, I will remember the people most. I’ve met some of my best friends and some of the best people while I’ve been here. The connections you make while you are at New Hampton and the impressions that are left on you, is what I will be reminiscing for the rest of my life.

    • Franklin, NH


      Franklin, NH

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  • Meet Johnny

    Leadership Roles: Co-Student Body President

    Academics: IB English, IB History

    Co-Curricular: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Theater

    One of my favorite things about the New Hampton School community are the close relationships I have with the faculty. They are always available to support my success or aid me during the stressful times of high school. It could be an encouraging me to take a new class, try out for the play, or a pat on the back after an athletic competition.

    I will have fond memories of hoisting the trophy alongside the entire NHS family at PowderKeg, the friendships and bonds with students and faculty from all around the world who have made me the person I am today.

    I am one of three siblings to attend New Hampton. I am proud of the family legacy, following my brother, class of 2016 and passing it down to my sister, class of 2021. We bleed green in our household.

    • New Hampton, NH


      New Hampton, NH

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  • Meet Maddie

    Leadership Roles: Honor Board Member

    Academics: IB English, IB History

    Co-Curricular: Field Hockey & Softball

    At New Hampton I am most proud of how I have grown as a student inside and outside of the classroom. In our community I am not afraid to approach a faculty member or peer to ask for help. I am grateful to have so many resources available to fine tune my study habits. One of my favorite classes was Women’s History. I really enjoyed the class because the teacher’s passion and enthusiasm. Her energy in class kept the class engaged while learning about amazing women like Anna Strong, Sojourner Truth, and Susan B. Anthony. I am passionate about women’s issues and this course takes a look at history from a different perspective.

    The opportunities at New Hampton have allowed me to express myself and grow as an individual. I was able to figure out who I was as person and be proud of myself for what I have accomplished so far as a student and athlete. I gained enough confidence to stretch my comfort zone by trying a new sport and running for class president.

    • Lexington, MA


      Lexington, MA

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  • Meet Ruby

    Leadership Roles: Student Council Co-Chair, Big Sister, Alumni Relations, Teaching Assistant, Student Activities Committee, Proctor

    Academics: IB English, IB Math, IB Spanish

    Co-Curricular: Theater, Yoga, Basketball Manager

    When visited schools four years ago, I knew of specific programs I wanted and New Hampton met all of my desires, but what set it apart was the family feel on campus.
    During my time at New Hampton I am most proud of my academic growth. Coming in as a freshman to now, I am a completely different student, thanks to the academic support program. I can now easily self-advocate and identify what I need help with. I am able to take the higher level IB classes because of the skills I gained as an underclassman.

    I will remember the amazing faculty and the connections I have made with them during my four years here. My teachers are more than just teachers. They are also my coaches, advisors, theater director, and house parents. They have become a part of my family. I know I can always go to them with anything, which is nice to have living away from home.
    • Belmont, NH


      Belmont, NH

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  • Meet Caleb

    Leadership Roles: Student Council President

    Academics: IB English, IB Math, IB Physics

    Co-Curricular: Soccer, XC Skiing, Baseball

    I chose New Hampton School for academic opportunity and to increase my athletic exposure for college. I have stayed as busy as possible during my years at NHS because this school has so much to offer and is such a unique place. There is a distinct feeling of inclusivity that welcomes everyone into the community, regardless of their culture or background. I have made so many relationships and memories here that will last my lifetime. 

    Whether it be foliage day, dress dinners, winter carnival, or voices of New Hampton, these are the traditions I will remember far into the future. Powder Keg will surly outlast all others. The whole student body coming together to battle against our rival school is amazing. Winning the Powder Keg gives off a feeling like no other. The pride, excitement, and energy that pulses through the student body is something truly special. I know my parents sacrifice a lot to allow me to attend New Hampton, and I am proud to take full advantage of my opportunity, and make the most of my experience here at New Hampton School.

    • Moscow, Russia


      Moscow, Russia

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  • Meet Jane

    Leadership Roles: International Student Ambassador

    Academics: International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate

    Co-Curricular: Tennis

    As a boarding student at NHS my day is truly full. I am always busy and I really enjoy it. The best benefit from being a boarder is that you get to live with your friends. I had never experienced that before in my life. I miss this community when I return home during the breaks. I enjoy the convenience having everything I want and need in one community. There are so many interesting and fun activities for boarders like house activities, barbeques, dances, weekend trips and spirit week.

    I’m most proud of my experience with community service at New Hampton. I’ve spent time teaching kids how to play tennis, spending time at a local kindergarten, helping a church to provide families in need with clothing, and I feel extremely grateful that I can be so helpful to others. My New Hampton School experience taught me that good people help to create a good community and that is very important for a boarding school.

    • Abington, MA


      Abington, MA

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  • Meet Kelly

    Leadership Roles: Co-Student Body President, Big Sister, Student Activities

    Academics: IB History, IB English, IB Biology

    Co-Curricular: Field Hockey, Hockey, Lacrosse

    I enrolled at New Hampton as a sophomore and this community is very different from my previous school. Most noticeably are the relationships with my teachers, coaches, house parents, teammates, and peers. A sense of trust and genuine care radiates throughout the entire community. The people here value individuality more than those at my old school and thus enabled me to break out in multiple new ways and to immerse myself in things I never would have imagined.

    Being at New Hampton has made me a confident leader and has shown me how much more is available to excel at than just sports. In twenty years I will remember the time spent having fun living and learning alongside my best friends in the house.

    • Milton, GA


      Milton, GA

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  • Meet Matt

    Leadership Roles: Proctor

    Academics: IB English, IB History, IB Physics, AP Calculus

    Co-Curricular: Hockey, Baseball, Lacrosse

    I joined Husky Nation as a new sophomore. Joining a school with a supportive community and a storied hockey program were very important to me. I have been a member of the varsity hockey program for all 3 years and was recognized by faculty and my peers to be a proctor for both junior and senior year.

    New Hampton is a much smaller than my previous school, which allowed me to have a voice in the community and get to know my fellow classmates. I would describe the faculty at New Hampton as reliable with high expectations of the student body. I can trust they are looking out for my best interest as I plan and navigate life after NHS.

    Best advice I was given when I arrived at New Hampton and what I hope to pass on to you, is to ‘be yourself’.

    • El Granada, CA


      El Granada, CA

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  • meet MJ

    Leadership Roles: Proctor, TEDx board member

    Academics: IB English, IB Math, IB History

    Co-Curricular: Hockey & Softball

    What made me choose New Hampton was how welcomed I felt by the community at Husky Nation. I remember being welcomed by the admissions team on my first tour and by the student leaders who helped me move into my dorm on my first day on campus. It was then that I knew I made the right decision to come to NHS. I also loved the sense of unity that is consistently displayed throughout the school. No matter where people are from, their age, or their interests, people of all different backgrounds and communities consistently come together to create a genuine and fun environment.

    During my time at New Hampton, I’m most proud of how New Hampton has shaped me as a person. Through the dorm experience, sports teams and the overall culture, NHS has helped me grow into a person that isn’t afraid to try new things and step out of her comfort zone. Looking back in 20 years, I’ll most likely remember the memories of living in the dorms. Having the opportunity to live with some of your best friends is truly an amazing experience that always leaves you with lifelong memories and stories to cherish forever.
    • Winchester, MA


      Winchester, MA

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  • Meet Allie

    Leadership Roles: President of Wellness and Safety Council, Big Sister

    Academics: International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate

    Co-Curricular: Cross-Country, Free-Ski, Tennis

    For me, New Hampton School was about getting a new start and discovering more about myself. I joined New Hampton as a junior. We are a community of individuals who come from different places and a variety of cultural backgrounds. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, our community finds ways to make sure all are included and celebrated.

    My favorite class is part of the IB Diploma Program, Theory of Knowledge (TOK). I enjoy it because it's different. It challenges your mind and how you think. The content and discussions are student driven.

    What I appreciate are the lessons learned and the growth in my confidence while at New Hampton. In addition, I love the school theatrical productions, Foliage Day, and house activities.

    • Laconia, NH


      Laconia, NH

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  • Meet Chris

    Leadership Roles: Honor Board Chair, Project Week Leader, Teaching Assistant

    Academics: International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate

    Co-Curricular: Soccer, Literati, Tennis

    I entered New Hampton as a freshman with a passion for technology and design. Coming from a fairly small rural public school, New Hampton felt totally different to me; it was this feeling that instantly drew me to the school. Teachers have welcomed my interests and I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given to create with them in the classroom.

    When I look back on my experience many years from now I think I will most clearly remember the moments I spent with friends and faculty. When we rushed the field after winning powder keg, when we were cycling through Copenhagen, or even just the daily conversations I’ve had over a meal. These memories are what will stick with me the most.

    I feel a great sense of pride knowing that I’ve taken full advantage of the resources at New Hampton and I feel even greater pride when I see my younger brother doing the same. I am humbled to be part of such a great community, and am excited to share this place with future students.

    • Londonderry, NH


      Londonderry, NH

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  • Meet Maryellen

    Leadership Roles: Proctor

    Academics: IB English, IB History

    Co-Curricular: Soccer, Basketball, Softball

    What I enjoy most about our New Hampton is the amount of support we have for one another. Everyone is here to help you succeed no matter what your passion. We support everyone at theatre productions, musical performances, and athletic events. When I’m facing the challenges of high school I know there are faculty or peers I can rely on to provide a listening ear.

    Being a student leader in my house, I get to interact with many people as well as help younger students transition to boarding life. I know how it can be tough living away from home and feeling as though you may have no one to talk to, but as a proctor I make sure those in my house feel they can come to me to provide advice.

    • Lincoln, MA


      Lincoln, MA

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  • Meet Madi

    Leadership Roles: Proctor

    Academics: IB History, IB English, IB Math, ASP

    Co-Curricular: Art in the Afternoon, Soccer, Lacrosse

    I joined New Hampton School as a freshman. I visited campus a number of times to ensure it was the right fit for my high school experience. As a boarding student I am so appreciative of the convenient lifestyle. My teachers, coaches, house parents, friends, classes, and food are never far away. The accredit a lot of my experience to the fact that I live on campus.

    I am not afraid to take on the challenges in the classroom, explore leadership positions, or try new opportunities at New Hampton. The main reason why I chose to attend New Hampton School was the inclusivity and family like atmosphere. At NHS, the whole community cares for each other and celebrates everyone’s accomplishments.
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