Global Curriculum

The academic curriculum at New Hampton School is intentionally designed to emphasize a global perspective

  • All courses in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme feature globalism in some way.
  • IB trained teachers are familiar with student-directed learning, and facilitating a diverse classroom.
  • The science curriculum emphasizes sustainable practices as part of global citizenship.
  • Our English courses use a diverse selection of texts that represent a wide range of ethnicities and races
  • Students in History courses are exposed to histories and cultures of people world-wide; not just Euro-centric.
  • Language courses incorporate cultural studies.
  • Electives emphasize diverse viewpoints including African History, Modern Chinese History, the IB courses, Religion in the Modern World, and American Women’s History.
In addition to an intentional academic curriculum, the whole community shares in developing a global perspective through a series of globally minded programs and opportunities.
  • Every year, the whole school participates in Project Week which includes experiences domestic and international travel and in-depth exploration into new world views and activities.
  • Our Student body celebrates students from over 32 different countries that are fully integrated into the community.
  • Our annual International Night celebrates a diverse selection of food, arts and culture from around the world presented by domestic and international students who work together for many weeks in preparation for the evening.
  • The Service Learning curriculum, while offering both local and global service opportunities, connects each project to bigger questions about the world in which we live.
  • At each school meeting, the community examines a current event. These events go beyond national events in the US to address international issues and topics.
  • Teaching faculty have a diverse background of travel and individual experience overseas including, growing up internationally, Peace Corps work, study abroad, and more.
“My world view is constantly expanding. Living and studying with students from all over the world is an important part of the New Hampton experience.”

Sierra ’17, New Brunswick, Canada
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