Experiential Learning

Experience Enlivened Learning

Learning takes many forms, whether in the classroom, backpacking through the White Mountains, photographing the essence of Prague, or volunteering at the New Hampshire Veterans Home. At New Hampton School, we create authentic learning opportunities in just about every corner of our student experience, so that there are countless opportunities for growth and memorable moments.

Experiential learning occurs through structured programs including Extended Block Saturday classes, that allow time to depart campus and deep-dive into a single experience, through our service-learning program which incorporates partnerships with the surrounding community and giving back to the people and places around us, and through Project Week, our signature experiential learning program.

Service Learning

Service Learning is an integral part of our culture and community. It is embedded in our academic programs, co-curricular offerings and International Baccalaureate projects. By giving back to our school, the community that surrounds us, and the world in which we live, we build relationships to expand our perspective.

Project Week

The highlight of New Hampton's experiential learning program is Project Week, modeling our belief that sometimes the most valuable learning takes place beyond the walls of the typical classroom. Each year, students and faculty work together to create a new and exciting lineup of projects.

Come spring, the whole school takes a respite from our typical academic schedule and travels near and far in small groups for a week of investigation often leading to transformative, thought-provoking experiences that help to shape each individual student's world view. Answering an essential question is paramount and the acquisition of new skills and experiences is inevitable. 


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