New Hampton School Teaching Fellowship

Partnership with Bowdoin College

New Hampton School is in partnership with Bowdoin College and other elite universities to support undergraduate and graduate students interested in the many careers that support a boarding school education. This opportunity provides fellows with the support to learn from the very best educators and coaches. This two-week fellowship program allows participants to immerse themselves into our community as a teachers, coaches, house parents and advisors while working closely with mentors. Workshops about the adolescent brain, assessment design, and resume/cover writing will provide fellows with a strong foundation moving forward as they pursue their careers in education.  

The program takes place from Friday, January 4th to Friday, January 18th, 2019. 

An information session will be held at Bowdoin College on Tuesday, October 23rd from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Interviews will take place on campus on Wednesday, October 24th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
The Application deadline is Tuesday, October 23rd at 11:59pm.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Students currently enrolled in an institution of higher education (undergraduate or graduate).
  • Students interested in fully immersing themselves in an independent school community as a teacher, coach, administrator, house parent, and mentor.
Features of the program:
  • Fellows are part of the community as a teacher, coach, advisor and house parent.
  • Fellows are provided with a mentor.
  • Fellows will practice the skill of observation to look for high-quality instruction.
  • Workshops including but not limited to teaching the adolescent brain, designing formative assessments, incorporating writing into the curriculum, best coaching practices, resume and cover writing, and more.
  • Housing is provided along with meals.

Application Materials

Applicants are required to submit both a resume and personal statement. The personal statement should include responses to the following questions:

  1. New Hampton School is a 200 year old independent boarding high school located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Discuss why you have interest interning at an independent school?
  2. What skills do you hope to gain from this experience?
  3. What type of teacher do you aspire to be? Please describe. 
  4. What subject matter are you interested in teaching and what sports are you interested in coaching? 
Background checks are administered for all selected applicants. We are currently able to provide transportation from Bowdoin College to New Hampton School for selected fellows.

Please submit all materials together in one PDF file and email it either of the Co-Directors of this program: Meghan Aronson, or Nate Saler,

Sample Itinerary

Orientation Weekend

  • Tour of New Hampton School
  • Bus Tour of the area
  • Dinner out with mentors
  • Education series: teaching diverse students, teaching the adolescent brain, designing formative assessments, incorporating writing into the curriculum
  • School life workshops: coaching, advising, house parenting
  • Check out games around campus

  • Work with mentors
First Academic Week

  • Involved in two of the mentor classes: mainly observing, observing how classes are designed and planned, grading of work and inputting online gradebook, designing assessments.
  • One block is shared amongst intern group to gather, discuss any questions, reflect, and complete instructional rounds.
  • Assist in coaching a team
  • Assist in dorm parenting
  • Assist mentor with advisee group
  • Duty weekend – help lead an activity
  • Attend faculty meeting and department meeting


“The opportunity to be a part of ‘Husky Nation’ was thrilling and allowed me to grow as an individual and future educator. I was able to develop my own perspective on teaching by working side by side with students and faculty from all across the globe.”

“The NHS teaching fellowship provided a unique experience to fully engage with boarding school life. The access to faculty members made it easy to learn, ask questions, and engage.”

“The New Hampton Teaching Fellowship allowed me to work closely with incredible teachers, supported by a welcoming community. I formed lasting friendships with the other Fellows, and learned a lot from observing classes, participating in co-curriculars, attending school and faculty meetings, doing dorm duty, and most of all, teaching on my own for the first time. I appreciated the supportive feedback I received and look forward to more opportunities to explore teaching!”

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