2011-2014 Strategic Plan
How does a 190-year-old school remain vibrant?
In 2006, New Hampton School set out to answer exactly this question as it developed its first comprehensive Strategic Plan. After a successful completion of initiatives, the School has adopted a new strategic plan that will continue its evolution as a leader in independent school education.
Major Initiatives
An Innovative, Globally Oriented Program
In the next three years, New Hampton School will continue to develop innovative globally orientated programs to help students make personal connections, develop agile and inquisitive minds, to nurture life long learning.
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Built to Last Fiscal Strategy
In order to ensure fiscal sustainability New Hampton School will, in the next three years, establish a new financial model by defining broader revenue opportunities, persisting with expense controls and clearly communicating processes and outcomes to our constituents.
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Faculty and Staff Support
In order to ensure the highest quality experience for our students, in the next three years New Hampton School will become one of the most desirable independent schools to work for through careful consideration of employee work load, targeted allocation of financial and non-financial compensation, and a continuing commitment to professional development, and professional culture.
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In our first round of strategic planning in the spring of 2006 we sought to capture momentum, involve the entire school, and define a bold set of new initiatives for the future. In a very real sense we wanted to ‘reboot’ the school and push it forward. This plan, tempered by a challenging national and global financial environment, transformed the school community. During the four year implementation phase New Hampton School made significant programmatic progress adopting the International Baccalaureate program and China exchange as well as major capital improvements including a new turf athletic field and math & science center. Additionally we have made noteworthy progress on fundraising and reduction in student attrition.

Capitalizing on the momentum, culture of innovation and significant advances of the last five years, our next round of strategic planning is well positioned to continue to drive New Hampton School forward. We followed a broadly collaborative process well integrated with the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and administration to create a new plan for the next three years.

From the outset the 2011-2014 plan was designed to be shorter in duration, flexible in implementation and well tuned to current trends and developments both within the school and without. Planning began in 2010 and the Board of Trustees formally adopted the plan in August of 2011. Overall the process included four subcommittees, forty people and resulted in a revised Mission, Vision and Core Values of the school, three bold strategic goals, fifteen major initiatives and 92 detailed action items.
Strategic Plan in Action
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