NHS Announces iPad Pilot Program for All Ninth Graders

New Hampton School is pleased to announce the introduction of an iPad pilot program for incoming ninth-grade students beginning in September.

All ninth-grade students and selected faculty members will receive iPads as part of the program, which was funded by a recent reunion gift from the New Hampton School Class of 1960. The pilot program will inform how the school will continue to improve technology integration in the classroom and prepare students for college and beyond.

"It has been our vision to be a nationally recognized innovator in how we deliver curriculum and durable skills to our students," says Head of School Andrew Menke. "This pilot program affords us the opportunity to create an environment of exploration for our students."

Menke says that the school will evaluate the implementation of the iPad in the ninth graders’ experience, and then decide whether the iPad will be fully integrated into the school experience for all students.

New Hampton School Technology Integration Coordinator Hans Mundahl says that the pilot program is much more than giving a slick, new device to a group of curious students.

"It is a tool that will help our students solve problems," says Mundahl. "We’re hoping to enable students and teachers to work creatively with one another in new ways. It has the chance to transform the way faculty teach and the way students learn."

The iPad’s slim tablet-like design, speed, and available software enable it to provide immediate access to e-textbooks and a wide variety of useful tools. Applications will allow students to create and share work easily, stay organized, take notes and more.

Menke thinks the iPad pilot program is another example of New Hampton School serving its students in the best possible way and preparing them for a more technologically focused world with the necessary skills to succeed.

"Inherent in our mission is a dedication to helping students become life-long learners and global citizens," says Menke. "This is another way that we can give our students a more technologically-integrated experience inside and outside the classroom."

New Hampton School recently was authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate, an internationally recognized curriculum that gives students college credit and is offered in 2,200 schools in 125 countries. The IB program seeks to develop internationally minded people, who recognizing their common humanity, help to create a more peaceful world.

NHS will offer both the two-year IB Diploma Program and the IB Certification. The school also recently announced a Ninth Grade Day Student Merit Scholarship Contest that would award $5,000 to four incoming students.  '

For more information about the New Hampton School iPad Pilot Program, visit www.newhampton.org/iPad.