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Snowboarding Coed-Varsity
Luke Tobin is the head coach of New Hampton School Team Snowboarding.  With his assistant coach Paul Rightmyer, they train a team of 14 riders to compete in the Lakes Region Snowboard series and United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA).

NHSG, (New Hampton Snowboard Gathering), is a fun and comprehensive program that teaches all aspects of snowboarding and competition.  Our team rides at Waterville Valley and Cannon Mountain.  We compete in the Lakes Region Snowboard Series and the United States Snowboard Association, (USASA). 

    The New Hampton team meets Monday through Friday during the winter term.  Monday is dry-land training.  Tuesday through Friday is snowboarding at Waterville Valley or Cannon Mountain.  Wednesday is our Lakes Region competition day, which is held at different school's home mountains.

    The Lakes Region Snowboard Series is comprised of snowboard teams from surrounding private schools including Proctor, Holderness, Fryeburg, Vermont, Brewster and Kimball Union Academy and White Mountain, Cardigan Mountain and Tilton Schools.  Lakes Region competitions are held for Giant Slalom, Slopestyle and Boardercross.  The competition level varies from beginner to expert.  The Lakes Region Series is fun and relaxed, and gives New Hampton students a chance to make friends with fellow snowboarders from other schools.

    New Hampton riders may also choose to compete in the USASA-New Hampshire Series, which serves all five disciplines of competition, including Half Pipe and Slalom.  USASA provides New Hampton with more chances to compete during the season as well as a chance to qualify for USASA Nationals and ride with the Nation's best.  USASA competitions are held on the weekends.

    Our dry-land training program includes yoga, gymnastics, trampoline and longboarding.  Conditioning and strength training are priority.  Equipment tuning sessions are held before each competition. 

    Our on-snow program includes proper body positioning and edge control early in the season, to advanced maneuvers in freestyle and speed in racing, as the season moves along.  Safety is always first.  We use a video camera each day on the mountain and review progress each week. A team video is given to all team members at the end of the season to forever preserve the winter's events.

If you have questions or comments please contact:

Luke Tobin
Head Coach NHS Snowboarding

Coaching Staff
Head Coach

Assistant Coach
Recent Highlights and News
Couldn't Have Been a Nicer Day!
New Hampton Snowboarder's finished 3rd for both Giant Slalom and Slopestyle at Ragged for the Lakes Region Championships.  Proctor Academy hosted the all-day event.  The sun was shining all day, we had an inch of snow overnight and the snow was nice!  It's been a fantastic season thus far and it was no wonder to see the New Hampton snowboard team smiling and riding with confidence.  Maria Jose was our only female competitor with Cara Vogel and Ava Donavan injured.  Maria represented with a 16th finish for Giant Slalom and a 6th place finish for Slopestyle.  Maria is a well-natured athlete and had taken her share of falls in practice trying to go for it in the comp...hat's off to Maria for Charging so hard!

The Boys killed it.  Another round of 3rd place finishes works just fine for us.  Holderness, Proctor, KUA and Vermont Academy have stong snowboard teams so it's always a nod to our rider's efforts when we break into the top three.  All the boys raced hard with times that competed with racers on true race equipment.  Mike Hutchinson was our fastest racer which is no suprise and up and commer, Bobby Cox was again in the top two finishing second behind Hutch.  (Bobby finished first for NHS in GS last week).  Scott Miller was a big help on the coaching front giving pep-talks to our racer's telling them to..."concentrate on the turn..."  In good fun.

The Slopestyle was well set up with two rail sets at the top followed by two jump sets, so the course went:  rail-rail-jump-jump. (4 elements).  360's off jumps and spining onto rails went our NHS boys, really stepping it up and smiling all the while.  Fantastic fun and a little sunburn!

Giant Slalom Results

Girls:  7th

Maria 16

18 total girls

Boys:  3rd

Hutch    8
Bobby  14
Moe     15
Dan     16
Scott    19
Ben      25
Charlie  28
Dave     35
Case-K  42
Henry    52
Aaron    53

57 total boys

Slopestyle Results

Girls:  7th

Maria 6

15 Total Girls

Boys:  3rd

Dan    9
Moe   13
Scott  14
Ben    17
Sean   18
Dave   19
Aaron  28
Hutch   30
Charlie  44
Reilly    47
Case-K  55

61 Total Boys

I think this means we will get 3rd overall for GS and 3rd overall for Slopestyle.  NHS BRONZE

Nice Job Kids!

Awesome Slopestyle Contest at Loon!
New Hampton Snowboarder's showed their competitive edge Wednesday for the Holderness-hosted, slopestyle event held at wonderful, Loon Mountain.  Conditions were near perfect with warmer temps and soft snow.  The course was well laid out with four sets of features:  Rail option, rail option, jump, jump.  There was an intermediate line on the left and an advanced line on the right.  Our rider's rode both sides of the course and all came away clean in the end.  Most of our first runs were sketchy, but the New Hampton kids dug deep to turn it around and score better on their second try.  We looked like a different team on the second drop.  Everyone killed it.  Maria was the only girl for NHS and she was awesome. 

New Hampton Girls:  7th 

Maria:  5th

14 Girls Competed

New Hampton Boys:  3rd

Dan  8th

Moe  11th

Sean  11th  (tie)

Charlie  14th

Scott  21

Bobby  24

Ben  24  (tie)

Nick  35

Dave  39

Aaron  49

Reilly  51

64 Boys Competed

Nice Job!

Thrid Place Finishes for NHS at Gunstock GS
New Hampton continues it's medal-streak in competitive snowboarding with bronze for both girls and guys. 

Bretton Woods Slopestyle=Soft Snow and Medals
New Hampton Snowboard Team finished 3rd for Girls and 3rd for Boys yesterday at Bretton Woods.  We had warmer temperatures and great snow for a slopestyle event.  The course started with a narrow box, to 20 foot launch (straight flying jump), to 20 foot booter (kicks you up), to a 4-way rail or box option.  Riders were scored by overall impression, demonstrating control, dificulty, style and flow.  New Hampton riders dropped in with confidence.  Both our girls and guys are training hard to get better and this week was another good show of drive and skill.  Ava hit the big jumps and had clean runs and Cara did boardslide on the first narrow box, (big improvements).  Dan, Moe, Sean and Charlie all threw front 360's off the jump and one Cab 540 from Scott.  Reilly is landing everything he tries now .  Aaron and "Case-K" competed in their first slopestyle ever and did well too.  Everyone's run was solid and consistant.

Bretton Woods Slopestyle Results:

NHS Girls:  3rd place

3.  Ava
7.  Cara

(7 girls total.  4 teams competed)

NHS Boys:  3rd place

9.  Dan
12.  Moe
20.  Charlie
35.  Reilly
41.  Aaron
44.  Sean
47.  "Case-K"

(48 total boys.  7 teams competed)

Great Job!

Special Note:  Eli Pozez separated his shoulder in practice before our event and did not compete. We wish Eli the best while he takes a rest.  Special thanks to Reilly's Dad, Jono West, for helping out with Eli's injury.
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