Did You Know?
Director of Arts Amy Wilson is an accomplished landscape photographer and Director of Performing Arts Joe Sampson is a professional actor who performs in local and national theatre.
What matters most?
At New Hampton School, we draw upon a number of key resources to enhance the living and learning experiences of our students. These resources include people, facilities, programs, and the philosophies and practical approaches we apply to learning support, college counseling, and technology.

Our greatest resource is without a doubt the faculty. These are caring adults and accomplished individuals with multitude of talents, who could have chosen many other career paths but who have decided to put their life’s energy into teaching, coaching, advising, and guiding students. Many dedicate years of their lives to serving as dorm parents who make students feel like they have a second family. They take the time to understand and appreciate each student as a unique, complex, and multi-faceted person.
True Story: Ms. Macleod

Alumni love to teach at their alma mater. Jessica Macleod graduated from New Hampton School in 2002 and was awarded the School's most prestigious award, The Meservey Medal. She is entering her fifth year on the faculty, and relishes the opportunity to have an impact on students' lives.
What do you like about teaching in the new math and science center? Not only is the new building awesome, but the space in the classroom is much larger. The InterWrite Board is a great tool to use in the classroom.  Also, along with the new building, the science department has been getting new equipment, like the LabQuests Dataloggers. This allows our students to collect large amounts of data within a class-period setting.  

What is it like to teach IB and how has it changed your classroom and the way you think about teaching/learning?
I teach IB Biology and General Biology. IB Biology has changed my teaching style and my classes. I give my students a lot more independence. They are learning to find information on their own and teach each other. They design and run their own labs and I just sit back and wait.  A great analogy I use is "I will guide students to the water, but students must get the water themselves." I will guide my students through Biology, but really, they are independent learners.
Insight: Bill Burgess

"New Hampton School is a holistic learning environment that is both challenging and nurturing. The International Baccalaureate Program offers a unique opportunity for those who choose it but also allows other students to stretch in areas of interest. The School community is upbeat and optimistic. If you want to get a great education with lots of individual attention at a school without an elitist attitude, New Hampton is the place for you. Visit it and I bet you will be favorably impressed." — Bill Burgess, Parent of Peter, Class of 2014

Profile: Mr. Fisk

Matt Fisk is an example of how the adults in the community “wear many hats” and interact with students in different contexts and different ways: He’s an International Baccalaureate History teacher, an advisor, house parent, cross country coach, and the Director of Studies. He is responsible for putting together every single student’s academic schedule, one by one. Mr. Fisk loves history, but he relishes working with students as much. He recently won the Ralph S. O'Connor ’44 Teaching Prize. As one student explains, “He has set a precedent as a teacher and has become a role model for my academic, athletic, and social aspirations.”