Did You Know?
The New Hampton School Dining Hall is known throughout the boarding school world for its organic offerings, sustainable practices, and tasty made-from-scrath desserts. Learn more about the food that feeds Husky Nation in this video interview.
Do you want to be a part of a special community?
At New Hampton School, we’re 100 percent certain that as great as you are now, you’ll find many new ways to grow, contribute, experience fulfillment, and have fun while you’re at it. Will you be the athlete who discovers a passion for dance or theatre? The poet who flips for kayaking or snowboarding? The reserved student who—with the prodding and encouragement of a caring faculty member—becomes a visible and vocal campus leader? 

Athletics, arts, leadership, student activities—we offer a multitude of terrific opportunities for students to pursue individual talents and interests within a supportive, relaxed, down-to-earth residential community.This is your chance to live with and learn from some amazing people.
True Story: Dara ’11

Involved in the performing arts since the age of three, Dara was thrilled to be able to further her passion for the stage at New Hampton. Getting to play the role of Emily in “Our Town” was definitely a highlight. But that’s not the only reason she chose to leave her old school after her sophomore year. Says Dara, “I was attracted to New Hampton School because of its intimacy and the environment it provided.” Coming from a school with big classes, Dara found New Hampton to be the kind of place where she could quickly make friends and “build genuine relationships with fellow students and teachers.”

A dancer, Dara also joined the soccer team and she says, “In my first year I learned a lot about myself in and out of the classroom. I was able to try new things and grow with the help of the New Hampton community.”

Dara won the English Department Award at the end of her senior year and matriculated to Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania where she continues to pursue her passion for literature and dance. She departed New Hampton treasuring the relationships she developed with her teachers and the opportunity to live in a community that valued each member and their story. Says Dara, "I don’t think anyone on campus feels like they don’t have someone to turn to or they don’t feel connected to something bigger even though it is a smaller boarding school."
Insight: Sam ’12

“I strongly believe that I would not have a Division I college basketball scholarship without going to New Hampton. My coaches have promoted me and helped me get my name out there. The resources I have at New Hampton with the gym, workout room, and coaches are unreal, and living away from home is something I’m used to now. Also, I know how to balance a hard academic schedule and a hard basketball workload. I feel like I have gotten the hang of it by going to New Hampton.”
 — Samantha Brenner ’12 (left), committed to attend the University of Vermont. 

Profile: Olivier '12

The Atlantic Coast Conference Rookie of the Year in 2013, Olivier '12 took full advantage of the athletic and academic opportunities during his two years at New Hampton School. The Quebec native immersed himself quickly into the tight-knit global community and was prepared for the challenges in and out of the classroom at Boston College. “The competition was incredible playing at New Hampton—not just in the games, but also in practices. I had an advantage when I got to Boston College because of the opportunity I had to work on my game at all times in great facilities and play for coaches who were passionate about my future.”