Did You Know?
Students taking one or more International Baccalaureate classes and assessments are twice as likely to graduate from college on time when compared with students who did not take college-level classes.
It’s a big, complex world of interconnected economies, ecosystems, and cultures.
This small boarding and day school in rural New Hampshire will give you the tools to understand it. Both academic and community life here are geared toward helping students to develop informed perspectives on today’s global world, along with the critical thinking, technological, communication, and social skills to solve problems and promote innovation wherever they go.

Our academic curriculum is characterized by a spirit of inquiry, an appreciation for innovation, and an outward-looking perspective. We provide multiple avenues for students to experience, explore, and appreciate world cutlures, languages, and histories. 
True Story: Will ’12

A four-year senior from Hancock, New Hampshire, Will Callif came to New Hampton School determined to make the most of his experience and broaden his global perspective. The beginning of his junior year coincided with the first year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at NHS, and Will, who attends the College of the Holy Cross, emerged as a more thoughtful student because of his experience. 
Why did you pursue the IB Program?
Why not? I’ve been given an opportunity to take classes that are so much about global citizenship, which is part of our school mission. It’s above and beyond an AP class because you’re driven to teach yourself and that’s what you’re going to have to do in college your freshman year. Professors don’t hold your hands. Before the IB, I was someone who would look at the notes I got in class and learn them, but now I’m someone who creates his own notes—things I find interesting—and then I apply them. I’ve taught myself to learn in way that fits me and best prepares me for college.
What is your favorite IB Class?
IB Biology. I get to design labs like a real scientist would. It’s evolution all the way to molecular biology, so I have a chance to see the whole field. And it’s something I’m thinking about pursuing in college. I think it’s great preparation.
Insight: Mrs. Berry

“Colleges respect the way students are asked to think in new integrative ways, utilizing the inquiry-based, interdisciplinary nature of IB courses. Colleges really want more students applying from the IB Diploma Program. Our IB program puts New Hampton School in a more competitive position in the college process.” — Jennifer Berry ’83, New Hampton School Director of College Counseling

Profile: Ms. Pechenick

A cum laude graduate of University of Vermont who finished first in her class at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Mandarin teacher Ms. Pechenick does more than prepare students to communicate in an ever-changing global society. She leads New Hampton's China Exchange program and utilizes the cultural awareness she gained as an English teacher for a year in the city of Shenzhen in southern China. "Through studying Mandarin Chinese, students challenge themselves to speak in a way that feels like singing, and to write in a way that feels like painting. Those who participate in the China Exchange have a further opportunity to experience total immersion in a fascinating and sociopolitically relevant language and culture."